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THreshold and Theravada

The more I get into Prajna, the more I see it in Theravada. What I don’t understand is why the Diamond sutra is not part of Theravada as it is from the Buddha. However it would have to be added to the “Southern collection” as it was found in 1900 in Dunhuang China. But it is dated as the earliest sutra written down – somehow. I accept that Theravada would not be able to update itself. For me (at the moment) it is the threshold sutra, and until I have a good grasp of the threshold I don’t want to cross the threshold and study sutras and texts that are not from the Buddha.

What is most important so far is the nibbana-dhatu. Whilst at first there was not wanting by all the phala, I have now come to understand that there is a spiritual ego. Bypassing is an ego and so far is the danger of crossing the threshold, but the spiritual ego is attachment to phala. Diamond Sutra says “If, Subhuti, a bodhisattva holds on to the idea that a self, a person, a living being, or a life span exists, that person is not an authentic bodhisattva” [Thay

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