Rallying Call

The analysis has finished so where does that leave us – with the rallying call, call to action. Throughout this discussion of the Unity Platform I have tried to demonstrate that the difference between left and right is marginal. When populist right intellectuals are criticising the left they are actually criticising the liberals who accept and administer the 1%-system of government. They rightly point out that white people seeking work have been forgotten by this system. The left wing criticise the right because traditionally the right has been associated with ownership, and these owners have exploited the workers. But now the owners of small businesses have a bigger enemy – the corporations. The corporations are exploiting the small businesses and the ordinary workers but they need to divert attention so we have identity politics intentionally becoming divisive over immigration, racial, sexist, LGBT and PC differences.

So the analysis points to the need for unity of the 99% as there is a unity of purpose amongst the 99% on left and right, so the rallying call is unity.

But to be honest I see little chance because of one word – EGO. I have described how the left wing was divided by intellectuals yet few would understand the differences in the points of view. When I listen to Alex Jones all I hear is EGO. When you listen to people talking about what is going on, they are “banging-on”. What matters to them is not whether the people are united against the 1%, what matters is that they can “bang-on” and have followers. The internet has become a medium of all kinds of people “banging-on” with their different viewpoints which have much validity, and all kinds of people following them. Meanwhile in real life the 1% continue to exploit the 99%, and we are more divided than ever. For me the Unity Platform is so clear, but working together with all these egos seems an impossible task. SAD.

On a more positive note here is a man who fought all his life, and still calls for Unity - Oliver Stone at the Writers' Guild 2017:-
youtube clip

Here are the forlorn objectives of the Unity Platform:-

Unite the 99% across left-right divide against the 1%.
Promote organising across the 99% keeping ego within the context of working together.
Promote communication across the 99% with the purpose of working against the 1%.

ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE:- 100% TOGETHER - This can only work when the 1% cease to accumulate finance, power and influence.

To get our votes politicians should demonstrate the following:-

Against the 1%