billzword WARNING!

Warning - I stopped the Course in Miracles after a while. Basically I was frightened as to where the course was taking me. Spirituality has power and there are dangers in that power as discussed in Glamour. Unless I am certain I will not follow a spiritual course that has potential danger.

I am too ignorant to know whether ACIM is good, however sila demands of me to place this warning. For those people interested in ACIM because I have previously encouraged their interest, I now say to them please do not follow that interest. There are so many clear and attestable sources of knowledge and Wisdom, please choose one of those. If you are interested by the ACIM comments in this blog and it makes you want to study A Course in Miracles, please don't do so because of my blog. Seek other opinions if you want to start it, my advice is "don't start it".

ACIM appeals to the ego, asking one to follow lessons without understanding, repeating statements throughout the day in an almost self-hypnotic fashion whilst not understanding and then saying

I am blessed as a Son of God

Whilst understanding that in terms of Buddha consciousness this statement contains Truth, it is truly frightening to ask people to repeat hypnotically for a day something that is potentially pure ego without requiring a level of Substance to base it on.

My second reason sounds more stupid, my stomach pains have stopped today. Still have shortage of breath, the stomach is still too much of a balloon but there is not the pain, and my decision about glamour fought its way through a migraine - leading me to compassion and compassion is indisputably divine (small d). I suspect the pains will come back during the process of the internal organs dropping but as of today they are not there - a sign.

No problem if you don't see that one.

I was learning following the course because it was bringing into question dogmatic positions. I will have to learn to let go in other ways from now on.