put book cover here No Death No Fear


Thich Nhat Hahn



No Death No Fear This book contains a lot. I am finding it hard to write what it has done for me because I simply cannot write it down. Here are some quotes:-


When conditions are sufficient things manifest [p3]

Our true nature is the nature of no birth no death. Only when we touch our true nature can we transcend the fear of non-being, the fear of annihilation. [p7]

Freedom above all is freedom from our own notions and concepts. [p11]

The meaning of emptiness .... means first of all to be free of a separate self. [p12]

All phenomena are neither produced nor destroyed because they are in a constant process of manifesting. [p13]

There is no birth, no death, no being no non-being no coming no going no same no different [p14]


[pp19 -22] contain discussion of Nirvana without a concept of Nirvana. I don't understand it but I think it is important. [pp51-53] the same.

We want to go beyond ideas to have real insight which will burn up all our ideas and help us to be free. [p21]

We see that when all the conditions are sufficient something will manifest. What manifests does not come from anywhere. And when a manifestation ceases it does not go anywhere. [pp 33-4]

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