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During our lives emotions rise and fall, this is the natural state. But sadly we often cling to these emotions, feelings for a family or partner, anger towards them, towards work. When we cling to these emotions where do they go?

In a sense we substantiate these emotions, they become emotional blocks and these emotional blocks effectively exist within ourselves.

What happens to these blocks? Emotionally they become buried deep within our emotional make-up, but in a sense these emotional blocks also get buried deep within our bodies. It is as if they substantiate and become part of our bodies that we need to cope with. These now substantive blocks can affect our health, but often they get buried beneath other health issues - perhaps as our bodies grow fatter as we age.

On a diet we can unearth these emotional blocks, and therefore in any diet we need a coping mechanism for when these emotions surface. If we ignore them then these blocks can try to re-establish themselves within our make-up, thus impacting on our resolve to continue with the diet. In the wider terms of personal development unearthed emotional blocks can lead to imbalance. If a person has experienced a difficult situation with a black person, perhaps they have been a victim of street crime, deep inside there is anger at this crime. This emotional block can show itself by a general reaction of anger towards black people as a whole. Unknowingly people can become racists because they hold to their anger at the initial crime. It is best to face these emotions, these angers, so that we don't have irrational responses in the future.

Many such emotional blocks hide themselves within the digestive system, and as healthy diets help to improve the digestive system then at some stage these buried emotions raise their difficult heads. This gives you a chance to re-experience these emotions, come to terms with them, and release them from your awareness. This process is very strong "emotionally". On paper coming to terms and releasing sounds painless, but in practice such a purge can be very powerful. Yet at the same time if buried emotions are brought to the surface and dealt with, there is such an ensuing release that your own personal development takes great strides.

Be warned that dealing with your emotions as I suggest can be very powerful. If you have any doubts with this process then discuss it with a counsellor. But remember such people have their own approaches to these things, and these approaches might not fit in with Zandtao. Remember as well talking about a problem is not dealing with it, it is a step on the way. Being aware that you have emotional blocks is not the same as releasing them, in fact knowing they are there and not dealing with them can be detrimental. In terms of personal development removing emotional blocks has to be beneficial.

Before looking at the next sections, be aware that dealing with emotional blocks can be painful.


Visualisations are a useful tool for coping with many aspects of being. In jargon it might be considered the power of positive thinking. If you visualise that you are happy and content you will often find that your demeanour improves. One famous meditation is the metta meditation. Metta means loving kindness, and if you are meditating and you calmly pass metta to all those you know life around you improves. One approach is to wish:-

 Metta to your partner

 Metta to your family

 Metta to your friends

 Metta to your colleagues

 Metta to others (including those you dislike)

 Metta to all including those less fortunate.

 Try to be Metta

Repeat this on a daily basis and your demeanour will improve.

Emotional Visualisation

In this visualisation you will explore your body looking for emotional blocks. Take up a meditation posture as discussed in feeding mind. Focus on your breath and follow your breath. Once you are calm, turn your attention inside your body. Imagine your attention accessing all the parts of your body in turn:-



 Shoulders and arms



 All the way down the spine from cranium to coccyx

Now down your legs, thighs, knees, calves, feet and toes.

Once you have surveyed the body, ask your heart to choose the area of the body which contains emotional blocks. This might be digestive system, head, knees, other joints, or elsewhere. Let your heart decide and then allow your attention to search that region looking for emotional blocks. Do you find a block? If so focus on it. Now of course the emotional blocks are not physical but to your attention it might feel so. Focus your attention on the block, and melt it away. As you start to deal with the block ask yourself "What emotion is it? Grief? Anger? Grief for who? Anger with who?" Feel the grief or anger, work out the grief or anger, express it (including crying) and release it. This process can take a long time even hours. Afterwards, after the release you will feel drained, but then when you have got over drained feeling overall you will feel much better. This emotional cleansing is something you could do in the morning or late at night but do give it time to be worked through fully. This visualisation for clearing emotional blocks can be repeated many times, at different periods of your life.

In the end you might only find anger, even if it is not directed to a particular person.. Release that anger as well, melt it away.