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For Zandtao "optimising the body" means working towards good health. This includes exercise but how does one compare the exercise programme for a person of 24 compared with s/he of 54 and s/he of 84? How much aerobic exercise is required?

Diet and Exercise

But first the Zandtao system looks at food. This food system, Natural Food of Zandtao, begins today for each and every household of any person reading this. The principle is that by eating Natural Foods our bodies develop Natural Health:-

In Zandtao, think of the human being as a processor for Nature, if the food is healthy then the body is healthy, and conversely if the food is not healthy then ill health produces disease. But this human as processor in Nature needs to be contrasted with the same human as processor for profit - as in the food industry. The food industry processes food, both with flavour additives and with preservatives, which damages the human body. Such processed food needs to be avoided. Effectively this processing for profit has introduced toxins into our bodies and as humans we need to use our mental faculties to recognise this and return our bodies to health by proper intake.

In Zandtao we try to eat food as Nature intended, and not processed as dictated by man's profiteering. What we eat, our diet, include grain, beans, fruit and veg, fresh local produce being the best. Avoid food from another country, preserving techniques are misused in long-distance exports.

Some comments on vegetarianism. There is a health consideration and that is B12. If you are vegetarian it is very dangerous not to take B12 supplements. Some would argue that Nature has put animals on this earth for a purpose, and their consumption might be that purpose. However the processing of meat products is rife with inhumane practices, and their health value has also been diminished by such processes. Not eating meat has great health benefits. It is also noticeable that consuming meat products can produce aggressive tendencies. Humanely-caught fish might provide B12 without resorting to vitamins, a practice Zandtao discourages. Your heart must decide for yourself on vegetarianism.

Learn to know your body and how it interacts with foods. Once you have stopped filling your body with toxins the body can then learn to recognise how to use foods for healing. Chronic health deficiencies can lead to disease but eating good foods and herbs can counter these chronic deficiencies. By observing oneself, in meditation and in daily life, one can learn how the body reacts, and can determine which foods and herbs are most beneficial. To this end there is a most valuable book:-

"Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford, go here

As you learn about your body, you may want to further improve the way you eat:-

Macrobiotics promotes the eating of Natural foods, and asks that you develop a yinyang balance in your diet. Much can be learned about macrobiotics, Zandtao recommends beginning with this online group:-

Yahoo Groups, and search for group name

Cybermacro and Cybermacro Forums can also help.

You can then choose to go further to learn about macrobiotics and this group can advise you how to do that. Other groups, such as veganmacrobiotics and macrolife-Israel are also helpful but they have a professed pro-Israeli position.

pH-balance (Acid-Alkaline balance) throughout Nature is recognised for good Natural growth, why not in humans? Convinced? Try the 7-step newsletter at pH-ion.

Learning about food and diet can be very mind-blowing as there is so much out there, so many panaceas, so many supplements, so many over-the-top promises. You must learn for yourself. Keep it simple and keep on top of it. Grains, beans, veg and fruit (plus coping with B12) is a good natural start, let your heart lead you from there. If you are just starting you might want to consider detox here.


The Zandtao system does not constitute medical advice. Whilst this description of diet is written with a genuine desire to help with personal development, it cannot possibly recognise all the different conditions that humans bring to any programme. People can react to natural food diets because their bodies already contain toxins from foods and desires for such toxins. Eliminating toxins is not always comfortable either. Please feel free to contact Zandtao, if we don't know we will say and recommend an approach.

Sadly contacting the wrong sort of medical adviser can be negative. Many doctors have been taught to resort to drugs for everything. Macrobiotic counsellors exist throughout the world but can be quite expensive. Investigate the options available in your area so that you can know what to do in times of difficulty.

Exercise - Walking in Nature

We all need exercise in our lives but how much depends on who you are, how old you are etc., and what you want your bodies to achieve. Walking half an hour a day produces good health, and if you can walk in Nature even better.

Physical exercise is not enough especially as you get older. The body's natural protective system, liver, can detoxify, and especially when younger let's young people think they can feed in toxins, bad food, drugs and alcohol, with limited detrimental effect. But with time this chronic misuse can lead to disease - very often liver damage. Physical exercise is not enough, in dealing with our bodies we need a combined strategy of physical exercise and healthy eating. That is within the full holistic ambit of Zandtao:-