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Personal Development

Personal Development concerns three aspects of being:-

Zandtao is simplistic - there are many more sophisticated models around, but in Zandtao to begin with this simplicity is sufficient. Pay attention to the mind, build your energy and look after your body.

But in Zandao it is essential to consider these three as an integrated whole, do not focus on one to the exclusion of another, although at different times within personal development one will become more emphasised than another.

Nor are these distinct aspects of being, improving the mind improves the energy, improving the mind improves the body, and likewise improving the body helps the mind to function better. But if your mind is not functioning well this cannot be addressed by improving the body alone.

With this in mind how does one address daily life? Daily Life


There is nothing new in this programme, and there are far greater details amongst programmes elsewhere. No system of personal development is the only way, it is just that some people learn better from some teachers than others, all teachers bring their own experience to the programmes they offer and that individuality connects with some better than others. For some this programme works, and if you like what is said follow it. There will be links to other programmes throughout, you go where best suits you. Please don't remain static. If following any of this hits a chord and you feel you are developing don't stop. There is no end the deeper you go, the more you practice the happier you will be. And that is the purpose of such development - following the Natural Path to Happiness.


Personal development is not easy, although describing it might be so. It is important for anyone to know that if they have problems with Zandtao they can email me or open a discussion at the Zandtao Group