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Personal Development

These three basic approaches:-

are enough to set you on the Path to Happiness. Life simplifies, and you start your own journey. These journeys are ostensibly different but fundamentally the same. Take your time, follow your heart and especially hold to meditation. The biggest problems you face are the tricks the mind can play on you, and the best way to perceive those tricks is through the clarity that comes from meditation. Even on worst days, through illness and life's difficulties, please try to hold to some daily meditation practice.

These tricks affect all aspects of the Path eg:-

On diet what does a cream chocolate cake matter?

I'm feeling lazy today, I won't do ChiGung; one day won't matter.

Your body does not need cakes, your body likes good exercise. These rationales are not coming from the body they are coming from the trickster part of your mind. Clarity sees through this.

After a while especially if you have been through detox, you will develop emotional issues as for most people emotional history is stored as blocks in the body. Checkout .

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