Warning:- Whilst the contents of this health platform are written with the best of intentions, to help and advise, the advice is not that of a professional expert. Please seek the advice of a doctor or counsellor if you are not certain.

My Health Blog This blog began as a record of my health, and led to deeper investigations into health in general, the result of which is this health page.
Thailand Healing through health foods Paul Pitchford's book is called "Healing with Whole Foods", and this is my small attempt at incorporating this book here in Thailand trying to combine it with the long-practiced Thai Traditional Medicine.
Eating In Thailand This examines the issues of macrobiotic eating in Thailand, where to eat, how to order, and foods to buy.
Ginsukapaapdee This is a blog about healthy eating in Thailand. Check "About Ginsukapaapdee" at the blog - join the group.
Recipes At present this is a small section on recipes. I believe the recipes are macrobiotic, and all foods are sourced in local Thailand.