Exercise is something I have mostly been active with. When young it was football, and I have paid my price with my cartilege. However luckily in my alternative days I tried Tai Chi and found that I had an affinity with chi; this also showed with the good results I had with acupuncture. Unfortunately I stopped the Tai Chi for some reason, although I took it up again to drop it and take it up again. This means I had half a form which I kept up for a long time dropping it 5 years ago. I have also done Chi Gong, and still practise a Chi Gong exercise every morning.

Also when young I did some yoga but much preferred Tai Chi. However now I have taken up yoga again, and this page demonstrates the yoga postures I use.

After the acupuncture for my back I do neck exercises most days, and I have bought a bicycle for exercise. One problem with living in Thailand is the heat, heat does not encourage exercise. Swimming has always been good for me but I am a way from the sea - 40-45 mins; I hope to discipline myself to go swimming once a week at least.

Update 21/05/08

Exercise has not been as easy as the change in diet, however recently I have taken up Chi Gung more seriously. I have taken some exercises from Daniel Reid's book A Complete Guide to Chi Gung, warm up exercises from my Brighton Tai Chi teacher, Brian Cooper, and after mailing list advice I got the Chilel DVD (101 Miracles of Natural Healing DVD) - Lifting Chi Up and Pouring Chi Down - Zhineng Qigong.

Brian's Warming Up

Spinal Twist - same as Daniel Reid
Corkscrew Twist on alternate feet
Throw arms to horizon with corkscrew twist
Daneil Reid's Exercises:-

Iron Bridge
Hip and Thigh Squats
Back Bows
Abdominal Lift
And for my knee - Merging Heaven and Earth
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