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Enquiry is so important, but with regards to science forces are using enquiry to corrupt. I celebrate science. Advances of science have so benefitted humanity but there is a complacency in science that leaves it vulnerable.

This book is concerned with science, yet at the same time it is fundamentally concerned with transcendence; I hope to make this mystical paradox clear at least for some. This is about the path of scientific enquiry, yet as explained in the treatise without transcendence there is no path as I see it. When we consider religious paths there is a way of life such as the 4th Noble Truth of the Noble 8-fold Path. In the section of the Treatise which discusses paths and transcendence, I draw a distinction between the vague language of path that prevails throughout religious discussion to the particular path that has transcended. Whilst this path and transcendence cannot be explained definitively, the ways of life as in 8-fold path can be described fully and the path of transcendence can be indicated.

In this book I intend to look at various ways of scientific enquiry, and will indicate how this can be a path of transcendence; this is what I mean by Mandtao: the Path of Scientific Enquiry:-

To begin with I have to examine the forces that are undermining science. Without understanding those forces there can be no valid scientific enquiry, and no possible transcendence. After establishing these forces as a given, I will start investigating. This investigating is the scientific way of life through which I can hope to indicate transcendence.

I am not a scientist, and this makes it difficult to discuss because of the complexities of science. To understand what is presented here requires only an enquiring mind and not a plethora of facts and the depth of scientific training and practice that can sometimes misdirect.