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Only the Path

So why is following the path sufficient?

Because Gaia knows.

Because you will have peace.

There is only path that matters, it is this I hope the pathtivist finds. And if they do then they have a guide through all the curve balls the different egos thrown at you in life. In this section of the manual I hope you can learn to feel the strength of the path.

In the Treatise, in the chapter on my path I spoke of an upheaval that was the transcendence that started me on the path. I don’t think my Buddhism, Buddhism as taught by Venerable Buddhadasa, addresses this issue of upheaval, and I think that is because of cultural and lifestyle differences. I surmise the following. Thailand is a Buddhist country, and Thailand has a spiritual path if a person so chooses – they become monks. Within the institution of Thai Buddhism there are many who teach about spirituality so it would be natural for the young Nguam Phanit (wiki summary) to search there. He became known as revolutionary, an attribute of all who are on the path given the state of the world, but there was not the level of upheaval I speak of – as do others such as Eckhart Tolle in the introduction of Power of Now.

But he did speak of atammayata, and Santikaro discusses what he says here. For the moment I want to interpret this as complete disenchantment with the conditioning of daily life. I am suggesting that this complete disenchantment seamlessly became a part of his understanding. And this led to lokutarra -

I have no justification for saying the above about Buddhadasa, and my cross-cultural interpretation is to enable a connection with my own upheaval and various forms of upheaval such as Eckhart and of others who have experienced the power that can occur when transcending onto the path. This power some describe as awakening but I avoid the term “awakening” because in my view the term has become open to misuse.

At the time of my upheaval I had reached a state of unconscious disenchantment that was buried in the booze. It led to the unconscious process where I transcended onto the path. But this disenchantment was far from complete, and I went through my second childhood where the disenchantment became complete and I matured onto the path finally through a process of integration.

In the recent chakra alignment that I described in ch9, a process I hope you will go through as part of your search, there was an alignment for me that was only concerned with path. I described the alignment process as chakras by the bootstraps because I hoped you could determine through your own practise the nature of your own chakras. For me I went through this process primarily guided by Teal Swan’s insightful talks, and the meditation that I summarised the process with was all concerned with different aspects of the path – but Teal didn’t use the word “path” much if at all.

When I first transcended I had complete trust in the path. Because of the bells and banjoes bliss I would talk of following my path as a 100% substantive guide to my daily life. I recall that trust completely enabling me to cope with daily life. For a long while following and trusting the path guided my life, but I was immature and needed to learn about life. In this process of learning whilst the path was ever-present I wasn’t immediately connected to the path. What was initially conscious affirmations to others that I was following the path began to disappear. If I asked myself I would say to myself that I was following the path, but affirmations to others were not part of my conversation. This is a description of myself becoming distanced from the path.

The struggle became a part of my life, it had to be the path is revolutionary given the destruction of Gaia within the consumerism of the 1%-satrapy. Once I was outside the prevailing toxic influence of left-wing intellectualism, my compassion took me into the struggle as a socialist – before I had been an educational activist. By this time the power of the transcendence was waning, and because I was immature I was not carrying out practices that enabled me to be close to the path and “maintain” that power. My ego took over, and although inspired by compassion becoming a socialist led me into conflict because I became attached to isms (ditthupadana). Whilst I was aware of that attachment I did not understand how far it was leading me away from the path. Chakra realignment has helped me with that.

The path is needed to guide you away from such attachments. When I first transcended I followed the path and trusted it in my state of bliss. Over time during the second childhood the path lost being my conscious reference point, my ridgepole, even though it was ever-present – and guiding as with the ease of end of drinking. Chakra realignment taught me about a return to the conscious trust in the path. For me there is a need for authenticity by reaffirming the path and my following of it.

EXPAND Talk about path is always there, fragmentation - upheaval not being the path, integration as discussed how? - not done yet There is only path, who we are meant to be - authentic. This path shows us what to do. By recognising complete disenchantment we know politics is not the answer. Following the strategies we work with the community, and if this requires funding we must engage with political structures. But remember the money is ours, the money belongs to the people - to Gaia, they have expropriated it as part of the 1%-satrapy - shame the 1%. We are asking for what belongs to the community.

But remember any time in this world of political egos is wasted time - getting money is only getting what we deserve. And the political process will try to suck in your ego - remember that. The path knows this but egos always rise, not always falling away if we are not discerning.