The Pathtivist Trilogy
Writing about my path has turned into a trilogy. Soon after retiring I began work on the Treatise based on the 3 tenets:-

After the Treatise I started work on the Pathtivism Manual, and the first section was how to apply the path developed in the Treatise to activism - Outer Engagement. This led to further work on the path that was developed in the second section - Inner Search. This gave me the final section in the manual that I called Integrated Path to bring together the Outer Engagement and the Inner Search. What I described in both the Treatise and Manual led to this Integrated Path, and the totality I now see as Pathtivism.

For pathtivism to be integrated into a practice that follows the path and includes engagement, there needs to be a method for developing this. Zandtao has offered meditation, began work on Buddhdadasa's Mindfulness with Breathing, and this led to the Companion which helps integrate this meditation into pathtivism. For me there is a completeness in the trilogy of Treatise, Manual and Companion.

Treatise on Zandtao Pathtivism Manual