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Appendix B - Rejuvelac Recipe

This is taken from Paul Pitchford's book "Healing with Whole Foods" [p613]:-

"Rejuvelac is a fermented drink that provides an inexpensive source of friendly bacteria helpful for creating healthy intestinal flora.

2 cups wheat berries

1 quart water

Soak two cups of wheat berries for one day. Discard soak water. Soft white wheat berries work best. Rinse berries and soak them again in a jar containing one quart of water. Cover the mouth of the jar with a cloth or sprout screen and let stand for two days. Pour off rejuvelac. Add one quart of water to the wheat. After one day pour off second batch of rejuvelac and compost wheat. Begin soaking more wheat berries to make a fresh batch of rejuvelac."

Wheat berries aren't available where I live so I use organic brown rice. I use a 1 litre cafetiere - I had no use for it as I stopped drinking coffee! In the bottom of the cafetiere put the rice, enough rice that makes one plate portion. Fill up the cafetiere with water and leave it for two days. After two days I pour off the rejuvelac, and put it in the fridge. I immediately top up the cafetiere with water and leave it for two days again. I get two tumblers full of rejuvelac from one cafetiere, and I make 4 cafetieres from one portion of rice. And my bowels move well!!

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