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F1 Watch this clip taken from the movie "Why we fight" - download movie here (Films for action $4).
F3 Here is a clip of how John Stockwell views US international engagements since the Second World War as a Third World War
F4 Ethos the Movie - download here
F5 One the Movie - trailer here. IMDB here Maybe full movie here.
F6 There are two movies here, first and face to face. In the first she discusses her 9/11 awareness strategy.
F7 Daily broadcasts at Democracy Now.
F8 Checkout and download this movie, "Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas (2008)", for the different grass roots democratic movements that have developed in Latin America - subtitled.
F9 This "Talking Despatches" documentary (1, 2, 3, 4) shows to a great extent how much money Tony Blair has gained since becoming Quartet representative - after doing the 1% bidding as Prime Minister.
F10 This is just a short clip from Democracy Now (Nov 17, 2011) in which the speaker acted as an apologist for joint police action.
F11 Here is a clip from Occupy Wall Street that describes the grass roots consensus democracy of the General Assembly.
F12 Download The Take"
F13 This clip, entitled Barter Argentina, describes how the people developed barter and a “creditos” currency, because the banks were closed to them allowing the 1%-money to be taken out during their financial crisis of 2002.