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F1 Watch this clip taken from the movie "Why we fight" - download movie here.
F3 Here is a clip of how John Stockwell views US international engagements since the Second World War as a Third World War
F4 Ethos the Movie - download here
F5 One the Movie - described here and download.
F6 There are two movies here, first and second. In the first she discusses her 9/11 awareness strategy.
F7 Daily broadcasts at Democracy Now.
F8 Checkout and download this movie for the different grass roots democratic movements taht have developed in Latin America - subtitled.
F9 This "Talking Despatches" documentary shows to a great extent how much money Tony Blair has gained since becoming Quartet representative - after doing the 1% bidding as Prime Minister.
F10 This is just a short clip from Democracy Now (Nov 17, 2011) in which the speaker acted as an apologist for joint police action.
F11 Here is a clip from Occupy Wall Street that describes the grass roots consensus democracy of the General Assembly.
F12 "The Take" - download here
F13 Argentina barter clip