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This could have been "The Book of Zandtao" but that title felt cheap. And Zandtao is not cheap, it is where I have come to on my journey - so far. But why write it? Journeys are unique and individual whilst the non-individualised result is the same - Buddha Nature, Mind, Enlightenment, Satori, Tao, Unconditioned, Amata, Non-Duality Eventually there is a shared understanding - unwritten and indescribable, but relatively our journeys can help each other. So people write.

We live in a mixed ability world. Each of us is on our own Path and our Duty is to maximise our potential of that Path. How we do that is our own personal journey, and whether we maximise is connected with our determination and practice. But as of this moment can we be enlightened? Many argue that we can be, for my own journey I don't see that - I see only maximising potential, and there is great joy in that. There are teachers around who claim they have reached enlightenment and can teach it, if that is what you want go to them. They teach enlightenment so the student or disciple measures themselves only by their achievement of enlightenment. For many that road only leads to heartache and frustration when enlightenment doesn't happen, that disillusionment can produce all kinds of problems. Be content with the joy our ability can give us, that is what I call Zandtao.

There are great teachers, Ajaan Buddhadasa, Thich Nhat Hanh - Thay, Eckhart Tolle, His Holiness the Dalai Lama - HHDL, there are mountain men, mothers, family men, for maximum joy all of these people have their own traditions and perspectives - and in many cases to a far greater level than I have attained. These people have attained their potential and the joy therein, but could you exchange their roles? Absolutely not you cannot be them, we are all different for the world is mixed ability. And what is this mixed ability I am discussing? It is the Path, and an imperative part is sharing; we help each other in their abilities, we help each other along, that is part of the understanding that comes with True Nature.

To help life's process Zandtao recommends consideration of mind, energy and body, by this I mean working on improving the mind, harmonising our energy, and taking care of our bodies. As we practise all three, the process of accumulation is minimised, and it is easier for us to address the issues of learning and healing. There are many experts in these fields, meditation masters, tai chi and chi gung masters, and people who follow healthy diet and physical exercise, but there are few approaches that insist on all three. My own journey at different stages has focussed on these three Zandtao principles to a greater or lesser extent, and in this treatise I will be presenting my meagre efforts at all three in an attempt to help others learn to heal themselves. The essence of the Zandtao Treatise is that at whatever level we are, we need to practise all three for our maximum potential. I have just realised that maximising potential sounds like self-help, if this introduction is being read to make a decision as to whether to read, then this is not about fame, wealth, career or any social achievement - go somewhere else for that, Zandtao is simply personal joy at your own level - happiness.

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

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