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It has become clear to me that the earning of money is the political act, not the labour as was described by Marx - although they are a little connected! The horrendous activities that the world's powerful participate in are predicated on speculation and transnationals. In this money and credit has accumulated into the stock markets these people manipulate, and once in that domain these monies are used to accumulate and make profits to increase accumulation and so on. Within that financial domain money is fundamentally a tool of the world's suffering.

Money initially was a representation of skills or product, but this is now far from true. Through accumulation of money and the endless credit they attach to it, ithis accumulated capital has now become the means by which suffering is created. So there is only one obvious conclusion, and that is to try to minimise the amount of money that you contribute to this process. Community currency schemes are a sensible answer to this where the “local currency” actually represents the skills or product, rather than being invested turned into arbitrary figures and electric pulses which eventually manifest in death and destruction.

So what about writing? The work of art becomes a product, and once it becomes that product then it becomes a part of the publishing industry - part of the financial domain of speculation. A book is a “global product” (or so the writer hopes), and therefore trade by local currency is not appropriate. I call myself a Public Domain Writer because I do not wish these writings to become a product within the publishing industry - and therefore do not wish that they add money to the financial domain.

As I have to live, how can I do this? I am fortunate as I am retired. In this context I therefore must publicly state that I am only able to put my writings in the public domain because I have sufficient financial income from pensions to survive. My stance is not based on excluding myself from the financial domain but minimising my involvement in it.

I want my books to be read. Although writing has always been therapeutic, once the writing is complete it is something I hope people will read. At this stage in my life I see it as my “purpose” - my engagement with life. I hope people enjoy them.

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