Welcome to zandcast.

This zandcast is a short introduction to an ongoing series of podcasts (zandcasts) that I will be making, the first two zandcasts (other than the intro) are available now on youtube and soundcloud.

Zandcasts are concerned with ending suffering. In this world there is so much suffering, suffering from without and within, that there needs to be a concerted effort of compassion to help each other.

Greatest suffering comes from war. What are the conditions that lead to war, zandcast will examine these? And to end these conditions we need to follow the path that takes us beyond conditioning. Zandcast wants to emphasise this path, and through Zandtao’s examination of his own path try to encourage others to follow their path – despite what those around might say. The path is the essential in life.

Even when we have started on the path we can still find ourselves addicted to conditions that keep us away from the path, keep us addicted to self. How can we work on being true to the path?

This is the path in life that moves towards ending suffering, but war and suffering is happening now, the conditions for war are happening now. What is contributing to these conditions? This is of course a socio-political question. But zandcast is talking about ending suffering through compassion, and any Buddhist will recognise this. Buddhism is complex with many proliferations, and Buddhist tenets and dogma will run throughout the series of zandcasts. Zandcast follows the teachings of Ajaan Buddhadasa as my way of breaking through the confusion of Buddhisms.

But confusion in Buddhism is perhaps the easiest problem in the confusion that is causing suffering. There is an intentional political strategy of confusion funded by the Dark Money Network that is causing a lurch towards the authoritarianism of the right. Zandcast will try to see through this confusion in the hope of relieving some suffering. This intentional confusion uses ignorance as a means of ensuring the increased accumulation of the 1%, and zandcast will promote enquiry into the relationship of confusion, war, suffering and this 1%-accumulation.

The path of compassion, insight and creativity is the path that can end suffering. This is a path that goes beyond conditioning, it is a path that is not addicted to conditioning, is a path that uses insight and creativity to end the confusion that creates war, and has the compassion that will help free all from suffering.

Where did zandcasts come from?

Zandcast started as a series of blogs, zandtao, mandtao, matriellez and ginsukapaapdee, but these blogs have become unwieldy and the contents are not easily accessible. Through zandcast what is contained in these blogs will become accessible.

Zandtao has written an unfinished treatise that contains some of zandcast. Matriellez has also written an science-fiction of Wai Zandtao. Enjoy.

For each zandcast there will be an .mp4 and .mp3. Zandcasts can be found on you-tube and soundcloud; check the youtube for zandcast references.

All zandcast details can be found on this page.