Zandtao meditation uses the method of Anapanasati-Bhavana described by Ajaan Buddhadasa in Mindfulness with Breathing as guided by zandtao as meditation elder. Zandtao will be developing a companion guide to Buddhadasa's anapanasati-bhavana so you can see what the elder offers.

To help you decide whether Zandtao is an appropriate elder for you, you can read the books about his spiritual path - the Zandtao Treatise and the Pathtivism Manual.

In the Treatise I start with the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

and develop from there. In the manual I began by examining activism coming to a position of complete disenchantment with politics and concluding that pathtivism - promoting the path - is the way forward. Through integrating the 3 tenets of the Treatise with the Dhamma as developed in the Manual, there is a sense of completeness, and it is this completeness that leads to following the path and reducing or ending suffering.

Essential to the Zandtao Treatise and Pathtivism Manual is meditation. Through the method of anapanasati-bhavana, we go through the 4 tetrads by using the breath to heal, calm and condition the body, similarly we condition the feelings and mind so that we learn to live in harmony with nature - Dhamma.

If you look at the Treatise, Manual, Matriellez education, Wai Zandtao scifi and still wish to proceed with the meditation scheme with Zandtao as meditation elder, write an email explaining what you hope to gain from meditation and send it here:-

Mail to Zandtao

Once I have considered the email, we will start a dialogue through the internet based on daily meditation and daily reports.