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About References

I am using calibre e-book reader (download here), software for reading all document formats that is donation-ware. Here is the manual giving this description of reference mode:-

"Calibre also has a very handy Reference mode. You can turn it on by clicking the Reference mode button in the viewer controls. Once you do this, every paragraph will have a unique number displayed at the start, made up of the section and paragraph numbers.

You can use this number to unambiguously refer to parts of the books when discussing it with friends or referring to it in other works. You can enter these numbers in the Go to function to navigate to a particular reference location."

This reference mode is useful but does require the Calibre software to find them. If your e-book is loaded into the viewer, click the space above the words at the top of the viewer to enter the menu. Click Go to and go down to location, in the location bar type ref: and then the reference number eg ref:11.32.

Each reference is also a hyperlink, clicking the link will open a new Calibre e-viewer at the reference point. This is also useful, but again requires Calibre software. This is my bit for the software creator.

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