Spiritual Armour

It was when I started writing this chapter I recognised the necessity for Zandtaomed to be a pathtivist companion rather than being additional (companion) advice on MwB.

In a sense it comes down to the teaching methodology. Let me back up a way. There is a common notion of warriorship on the spiritual path, I think I first met it with Castaneda in Journey to Ixtlan. It is not a notion I like because a warrior fights with another, but for the spiritual warrior in order to fight with another the warrior must perfect her/himself. In general the spiritual warrior’s fight is with his ego but it is not a fight of conquering. It is the development of sati – mindfulness, and with a strong sense of sati there is an awareness of ego and then letting go. It is internal development that leads to the ability to let go, and some might call this development a “fight”.

A key element of the equipment of a warrior is armour, a spiritual warrior needs armour. Some take the armour of robes. Not only do the institutions provide refuge and teaching, they also provide protection. If a monk is dressed in robes and is behaving with suitable monastic decorum then it is usual that they are treated with respect albeit token at times.

Compare this with the spiritual “warrior” in daily life. Are they granted such respect or are they open to vitriol as most people are?

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