This is a companion blog to my unfinished book Educating for Nature - On Love, Home and Learning:A Personal Journey through Schooling.

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Originally I was using this Matriellez blog, here are the links (reverse chronological order):-
44 Fake News
43 EJW goes private
42 Better then me
40 Edufashion
39Dassa's Grit
38McKinsey Report
37 Growth Mindset brianblog
36Assessing Growth Mindset
35Teaching Practice
34First Reactions to Growth Mindset
33Insight - the Conditioning moment of Maths
32Investigating Methodology
31Changes in the Corporate Paradigm
30A right-wing case study - Opting-out
29Natural Law
28Phassa - The Conditioning Moment
27Mindful activism - a Fusion of Activisms
26Mindfulness - a Brianblog
25Kabat-Zinn and Sunnata
24The Agitated Mind of Sankhara
23Mindfulness is a Loose Cannon
22Kabat-Zinn limitations
21Wise Relationship
20Fake News Censorship and Discernment
19No Homework?
18About 5 things
17From Instinct to Insight; the beginning of maturity
16Questions or Enquiry
15Careerist pattern
13A Thai retirement
11Mindfulness in Schools
10A free slave?
9Shallow Analysis
8Wasted all those years
6ADHD fictitious by "father"
5Change website address
4Peer Evaluation
3Changing the teacher's mindset
2Learning Democratically
1 Introduction

The wordpress blog had pages based on sections in the book that I am now not using in this blog:-
Corporate Paradigm
Natural Development
Quality Portfolio
Wi-fi Classroom of Autonomous Mastery

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education. Blogs:- Zandtao, Mandtao.