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Advanced MAWPism

The primary characteristic of the advanced MAWP is what you might consider the apartheid ego. The conditioned ego is common to those not on the path, with white people it is majority MAWP but a significant minority have become conditioned as white liberals.

Where did these white liberals come from when post-war conditioning was so based in fear, was nationalistic and xenophobic? There have always been people on the path who are often creative so over the centuries there has built up a "bank" of creative works that have formed the basis of academic study. At the same time people on the path have become religious leaders so there are key people in religions who focus on compassion and caring. So in religion and academia there has always been a core of compassion established by those on the path that attracts many intellects, this is liberalism - attraction to compassion in the intellect (sankhara); it is key to note that there is a distinction between attraction to compassion and being compassionate. This liberalism is greatly strengthened by coming into contact with people in conflict such as those oppressed by race or gender. The suffering of these oppressed people brings them closer to the awareness of the path, but they do not always follow the path - nor do they advocate the path (such as promoting pathtivism) nor do some even recognise the path. Compassion and intellect is often interested in the suffering of the oppressed, and so are further attracted in their intellects - in their sankhara shell.

But what if something happens in life to these liberals? Typically this could be the racial violence that is so exaggerated by White Nationalism. If a violent incident happens to a white liberal the sankhara shell (the intellectual ego gripping compassion) is shattered, they become attached to their fear of other - usually black, and become prime for WN recruitment. Despite the words that white liberals say, this is why a white liberal room is a recruiting arena for White Nationalism.

This liberal ego is further why the grassroots movement has been so weak in the past, the failure of the movement's education to target the egotism of conditioning, and their failure to recognise the importance of the path so that understanding is more than the sankhara shell. The movement instead has focussed on the intellect (this sankhara shell) continually reinforcing it through repetition of idealism and intellectual study. For some in the movement suffering in life reinforces the shell. Those in the movement maybe suffer discrimination at work, passed over for promotion because they do not have 1%-system views. These intellects maybe come across the repressed, or feel angry at examples of disadvantage that they see around them so they continue in the movement, and perhaps they will remain in the movement all their lives because the sankhara shell is not shattered by an event. But it is still ego, and because it is ego it is fragile by nature.

The advanced MAWP is very much controlled by ego, they have an apartheid ego. The MAWP ego is as with all egos fragile, and there is potential for it to break. With ego there is always the possibility that the path can break through. This means there is an ego-driven necessity for the ego to be continually strengthened - reinforcing the sankhara shell. This is why arrogance is so key to developing advanced MAWPism - to developing the sankhara shell of these egotists. These people have to be so arrogant that they think they know better. This arrogance attracts these egos to supposed knowledge that others don't know. There is a furtiveness about this process, they can't openly admit that as egos they are going to be attracted to what others don't know and that they are going to be furtive about it. Because that attraction is a vulnerability so the ego creates furtiveness.

One aspect of the nature of ego is survival, ego wants to survive. Arrogance and furtiveness combined with this instinct of ego survival produces a personal apartheid that is characteristic of these advanced MAWPs. They cannot risk interaction with discourse so very often they develop a violence typically recognised in white supremacy. This is a violence built out of ego fragility. In Derek Black's case his arrogance was so strong that he felt he could interact with the college people, engage in discourse but his compassion eventually proved too strong (Rising out of Hatred ).

For MAWPs to become advanced their arrogant egos have to be attracted to knowledge that is not mainstream because they are too arrogant for mainstream. For decades the genuine left has demonstrated the lies of mainstream media and education that holds up and propagates the 1%-system of neoliberalism, so the MAWP becomes advanced by accepting a system of facts that is not mainstream or education. The advanced MAWP rejects the mainstream, rejects their education, and clings to an intellectual shell of false facts established by similar advanced MAWPs.

It is ludicrous what these egos will accept but the problem is that there is no method to challenge these egos and their facts in part because they have rejected mainstream media and education and in part because they arrogantly assume that what they know as facts are true and cannot be refuted. My latest MAWP contact is a man who has similarities with Derek Brown, he is capable of analysis but his knowledge base is in a different dimension. When he uses analysis alone we have agreement, but when he studies his facts and quotes them as a basis for discussion and analysis we are dimensions apart. Because he is based in a fragile ego I think I am now experiencing an egoic backlash because I do not accept his false facts. I hope this backlash goes with time.

What is evident for me more and more is the dominance of ego in all aspects of politics. For political understanding to be more than just conflicting ideologies based on fragile ego in conflict with fragile ego there needs to be a move towards pathtivism (or similar).

We have to look at how we can overcome egoic conditioning. This is a marriage of spirituality and politics, I never understood when younger why they were so separate. Spirituality that is about learning dogma (an ideal, a sankhara shell) belongs to those who wish to support a religious institution and is not appropriate, but the sila which is the basis of the path and the recognition of ego are necessary in the world of politics. When people such as Russell Brand ((#) UndertheSkin) talk about a new narrative, in my view they are seeking this - Russell of course seeks the essence (path) in his political narrative, in my terms an indication of #pathtivism. Understanding the class struggle contemporaneously, an evolving understanding of the exploitation by the 1% is the political analysis, but the newness in the narrative needs to be in the educational narrative - a form of pathtivism, learning about ego, learning how ego creates conflict, learning how ego sets up barriers within the movement as well as outside - splitting for example, learning how to move beyond ideals, and focussing on compassion, insight and creativity. The new narrative is in the education of comrades, not the narrative itself.

Why was there conflict at Charlottesville, why was a Charlottesville WN guy maced - watch, taken from here? [It might have been self-defence]. But there was evident ego as lack of discipline on the part of the protesters at Charlottesville. Why was the WN there? To create a scene, to try to demonstrate that WN was being suppressed - as well as getting the unexpected benefit of being praised by Trump (taken from here). Any violence suited WN objectives. How was this done? By having conflict with antifa. As Derek says there is a need to protest WN, to continue to demonstrate that holding such beliefs is socially unacceptable, but not in a violent way. The fear of WN violence has to be the dominant fear, not allowing some MAWPs to attach to fear of antifa. Now more than ever with the rising right there is much more of a need to control the policing of demonstrations (our own stewards) to ensure there isn't the conflict the WN wants. However the egos desiring the reinforcement that violent conflict brings will always push for violence - violence is an egoic response. Peaceful demonstration is an expressive action. Occupy won that battle hands down, despite all the police provocation. When we see the struggle losing we know that we are allowing ego to dominate because our duty is struggle - our peaceful expressive non-egoic duty is to struggle.


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