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Change the Demographics, Change the Polemic

Recently left-wing politics has been shown to be lamentably failing. It is not clear to me when – probably Blair-time, but it was recognised that PC-authoritarianism was so unattractive to MAWPs that it was decided (Bilderberg decided) to promote this authoritarianism amongst the left. Of course this was easily done because for liberals promoting identity politics gave them jobs, did not threaten their homes, and allowed them to think they were fighting the good fight.

Remember the system that we are dealing with is the 1%-satrapy with its neoliberal economics and two-party delusional electoral democracy (both parties ensuring the 1%-satrapy). The votes of these liberals were already decided, they would vote against the more-right party so it was a useful tactic to cement the MAWP vote. MAWPs have always been racist but they kept quiet about it; it was not a big thing. However it was a big thing for the rabid right-wing thugs – Hillary’s deplorables. Previously good white people shied away from the deplorables (hence Hillary’s tactical use of the word), but things have changed. These MAWPs are more threatened by the snowflakes than they are about being seen as deplorable. Their emotional reactions towards the PC-authoritarianism has been so heightened that they now don’t mind being associated with the fascists. How can the movement have been so blind to let this emotionalism happen?

There was some positive progress. Occupy was the culmination of a global movement that isolated the 1% as the source of our problems. Many people across the board accepted the 1% as this source, and whilst they were not on the streets this populist feeling was a threat to the anonymity of these insane accumulators. There needed to be a scapegoat as always, and where did they turn for their scapegoats? The usual place – race. And the movement was so weak they were able to revive overt racism and the middle-classes accepted it. Where was the education on race that should have prevented this? Lost in PC language, language mattered and not education. And the middle-classes are voting for the right-wing even with the accompanying overt racism. What a failure for the movement.

Demographically the 1% only wish to ensure that the MAWPs support them. In other words the focus of their conditioning is only on the MAWPS. And these MAWPS accept policies of austerity which hurt the poor yet make sure they keep their houses. There was a crash. The bankers got government money for bonuses. Since the crash the rich-poor gap has widened, poverty has increased, public money to help the poor has been reduced, and the middle-classes are still voting for the more right party despite a rise in fascism. How the movement has failed in not seeing this.

MAWP thinking has consolidated into a sankhara shell, an apartheid ego, where once the middle ground would see-saw. And the catalyst for this has been the snowflakes – PC-authoritarianism. Now conditioned right-wing individualism just baits the snowflakes expanding their own egos in the process, and with such chauvinist ego their shells are consolidated and the MAWP apartheid ego becomes more and more impenetrable.

Trump is an extreme example of this and hos time might well have run, GM sacking 15,000 has got to have hit his base. The deplorables will always support him, the middle-classes will support Republicans but the Republicans were not easy bedfellows with such a coarse immoral boor. He was only there because the 1% gave him jobs, now they have stopped that. Mueller is FBI, has always been a 1%-tool, and he can be used by the Republicans to put pressure on Trump. The Democrats have won the house, and because of the backlash against Trump the 1% must be afraid of Bernie. They need to consolidate the MAWPs behind someone they can control. It may be the Democrats but they will never allow Bernie. And the snowflakes see Mueller as a Liberal hero!!!

In the UK the Tories are as usual dividing themselves through Brexit over which multinationals bribe which politicians the most. But with Corbyn democratising Labour their Blair phalange are losing control so control is not so certain there. However race is still a scapegoat that will keep people voting Tory although how will they control the decent middle-classes. As usual there is the blind view that left Labour as in Corbyn cannot run the economy. That is so deeply ingrained that maybe it is enough to maintain the vote.

The demographics I am referring to are the MAWPS, recent media control, internet and MSM, is conditioning these MAWPs who are developing apartheid egos that is able to resist any compassionate threat. Socialist and Labour polemic is a waste of time on these people; that polemic will simply make their egos stronger, reinforcing their apartheid shell to vote Tory. The middle-classes are frightened by the state of the economy, and their raison d’etre – the houses – they feel are under threat. Their fears will also reinforce their individualist shell consolidating the vote.

If socialism remains the polemic the vote will be consolidated. If the polemic is changed to decency and compassion and Gaia then maybe their consciences will be pricked into action. I doubt it, but maybe.
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