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Deep State

Deep state is one of those ideas that the alt-right has appropriated and corrupted from the genuine left. Here is Yanis Varoufakis talking about the Deep State (what Yanis said about his talk).

What was interesting about this was to hear an exposition of the Deep State from the Genuine Left. I am going to talk first about the Deep State as presented in the media, and I suspect from the alt-right - but I don't follow the alt-right so I am not sure. I understand this Deep State as being government within government, a secret-ish organisation which is concerned with defence and natural security. It is often associated with CIA going "off the reservation" - at least to me. The important aspect of this alt-right Deep State is that it is GOVERNMENT- within-government, and that government and business are distinct and separate. Because the recent focus has been on government the alt-right has been able to blame the Deep State on Obama (a reasonable claim for different reasons).

From Yanis we get a completely different perspective. He includes the security (and intelligence) aspect, but he focuses on 4 deep states:-

Manufacture prices
Manufacture desires
Manufacture money
Manufacture consent

I would describe this Deep State as a combination of finance and conditioning; the purpose of the Deep State is therefore to promote the interests of the 1%.

This distinction is very important. Firstly the alt-right approach is to minimise government so an attack on the Deep State as government is consistent. However they cannot accept and promote the finance and conditioning aspect, because by doing so they are attacking their own masters - the 1%. The alt-right claims they want the market to control (manufacture) prices and money so they want to deny this Deep State function. The alt-right also wants to blame the government for fiat money and other 1%-manipulations.

But the alt-right definitely does not want to indicate that people are conditioned, a key aspect of their platform is to appeal to MAWP arrogance so therefore the alt-right cannot admit that there is conditioning.

The other emphasis of Yanis' talk is corporations. In this blog I talked of the totalitarianism of capitalism whereas Yanis describes Google and other conglomerates as equivalent. He further describes the revolving door of business and finance and government making it clear that our government is a corporatocracy. He makes it clear that the government is 1% and the Deep State is the non-democratic aspect of this 1%-control with the Deep State (1%) controlling finance and conditioning.

He further indicates that the Deep State as a political issue originated on the genuine left, and has been appropriated by the finance that promotes the alt-right.

He also claims to have studied Goebbels, and that issues that Goebbels promoted in the build-up to Hitler's fascism included many alt-right ideas especially their Deep State. This of course is frightening but is not surprising when you consider the influence of Steve Bannon and his Leni Riefenstahl style of filming (referred to in this blog).

These are the points that I found important, but there is far more in 25 minutes - do listen.

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