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The Democracy Illusion

We have never had democracy, what we have had is tribes with leaders and followers. Only now we have followers who are given a vote, are misled by propaganda, and follow puppet-leaders that most don’t want because they were voted for – thus blaming the people not the manipulated system nor the leaders themselves. The once-recognisable leaders with their pomp and luxurious exploitation have been replaced by 1%-suits most of whom seek anonymity whilst they exploit the world. I see this as intended deflection, fundamentally people who don’t mind having others killed in wars or otherwise but don’t want to be targets themselves.

When we consider global history since “civilisation” has supposedly been recognised, then there has never been democracy. Over history there has been migration for unknown reasons (Smithsonian), and more recently there has been migration for exploitation reasons – colonialism. But what is consistent across most of the world’s cultures is accumulation to leaders, and exploitation of followers whether that exploitation includes an electoral vote for illusion or not.

In more recent history there has been an illusion of democracy, and the leaders within cultures that favour this illusion have used this sankharic illusion as an excuse for further colonial exploitation. But what we have to understand is that there has never been a democracy – government for and by the people. When have the leaders (monarchy or 1%) ever let go of power? When have the people ever taken power from them? In current terminology when have the 99% ever been united in their own interests to take power from the 1%?

In truth most people are struggling with their lives, and have never had the time or inclination to take power. Most people accept whatever system the leaders make them a part of. Currently in terms of power and economy that system of exploitation is known as neoliberalism, a system based on profit, accumulation and destructive exploitation of Gaia’s resources. The profits accumulate to the 1%, some people are more favoured, and the rest are given a diet of propaganda to vote in a bipartisan system that represent different shades of the same leadership. Most people involved in the struggle against capitalism hope there will be a mass uprising. Of course there cannot be such an uprising because the 99% will never be united. Some suggest that when the failings of capitalism start to hit home, the people will rise up. But by then the system would have screwed everything up anyway. Either there will be such resource depletion Gaia would be dieing or the people will have no money to consume so the system will die through lack of financial food. The Marxist activists are struggling for a pipedream that is resource dependent and not humanely possible, and the 1% continue through their addiction which is killing Gaia. Meanwhile most people are struggling to live ignoring the power of the vote they have, and quite simply they would never have been given that power if the leadership did not know they could control it.

But let’s be clear it is not simply the political system that creates this struggle although to be clear the system reinforces the need for most people’s struggle; the political adds to the natural struggle. Life as a struggle is much worse if we all try to accumulate more and more yet that is what we are encouraged to do. If we lived sustainably in harmony with Gaia our struggles would be far less. Yet most people do not seek this harmony because they have been educated to accumulate – consume more. In fact for most people their whole history, their whole ancestry, has been a history of living in accumulating cultures. For most of the world’s cultures their leaders accumulate, most people follow whether they live in a democracy or not.

Electoral democracy is a process that dispossesses us, it disconnects us from our roots in Gaia. It does this by giving people the illusion that they are part of power. This is why it is essential to understand that democracy was never won, but given to us step-by-step when those leaders realised they could control the power. Primarily the purpose of this democratic illusion is to enable the leadership to expand and exploit under a mandate that is supposedly taken from the people. Whilst our leaders kill for profit the people can be blamed for voting for them, yet that voting only occurred after they were sure the voting could be controlled, that the people were sufficiently conditioned.

The power lies within us, it is our love, our spiritual love. This power if directed by our compassion can unite and end the exploitation by our leaders. We can connect with our compassion, Gaia’s compassion, so that it is only compassion that matters, not all the chimeras they put before us to enable our consuming. If we love, if we say people matter, if we love people before we start our consuming, then the leaders cannot accumulate.

Return to compassion, and shame the leaders whose accumulation is so destructive.

End this delusion that we can play their game and get their power. It is the power of our love, our compassion that matters, not whether we invest huge amounts of effort into elections for positions that only have a glimpse into power. Use your love to work for each other, help each other, give to each other, don’t waste your energy in the illusions of political power.

The power of the establishment sucks you in. Surely you can persuade a few people in committee, a few people in parliament, just a few people, to make changes. Remember those people who are there have been groomed and conditioned. They have been groomed to work for the leaders, and they have been groomed to present the illusion that they have power and that you too can have it. There is no real power offered in democracy, do not let your own power be sucked into it. Isolate the leadership from the people by not playing their democratic games. Use your compassion to work with people, help, build up community. Show the community that their power is for them, they use it to exploit. Look at Corbyn, a man whose policies have always been governed by compassion. He is embroiled in power politics, and even though his image is for the people, every day his image is tainted by the 1%, their power system and their media system. And within that embroiling so many people are wasting their energy to get him into power.

What if all that energy was put into the community, helping people, not helping them to consume but helping them to live sustainably, to enjoy life in their communities not through excessive consumption but by uniting and enjoying life as people learning about the joys of Gaia. We can learn together, live together and enjoy together. Now we are so wrapped up in consumer culture that we cannot enjoy together unless we are consuming. We cannot learn together because our minds have to shut ourselves off from genuine learning (create a sankhara shell) because we have been conditioned to consume. Where is the joy of learning when everything we learn undermines the way we live because we have been compromised by consumer conditioning? How can we follow our spirits along the path of Gaia if all the time we are holding to the consumer culture that we have been conditioned to from birth?

Look at the shallowness of our conversations. We discuss how we consume, we discuss TV, we gossip about other people and their relationships - not creating love but enmity. Maybe we discuss power as news in media and its propaganda about the illusions, but we do not discuss to learn about ourselves, about Gaia. This is all conditioning. When we work in the community, we value ourselves, we value each other; our compassion matters. When we are involved with power we are only working with ego. We live within a sankhara shell of conditioning based on what our conditioning tells us we can be a part of.

Get rid of all this conditioning and begin to learn for ourselves. Follow our paths of compassion to Gaia.

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