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MAWPs Frustration and Facts

I have never trusted what has been dished out to me either through education or mainstream media. This comes from my path, upheaval, and recognising at the time of upheaval that the arrogance education gave me was significant in that upheaval (my path).

With this complete distrust I became self-reliant, and developed an approach that enabled me to learn and understand; this is part and parcel of the path. I became a political activist for a while. In doing this I needed to engage with people, and this meant I had to know where they were coming from. I had to be able to answer their "facts" with the truth.

When I was doing this in the 80s and 90s it was relatively straight forward. There was "establishment truth" and there was truth; and of course there were the egos - the right-wing vanity that demanded they were right and that nothing should infringe their personal liberty - usually meaning getting more money at whatever cost. This landscape was extremely difficult to break through but was a relatively easy landscape to navigate (understand).

Those egos were always difficult to deal with, and now they are so much harder - or so it seems to me. Every one of these egos, I now call them MAWPs, thinks they know the truth because their ego has found somewhere on the internet. At the same time as finding this truth they also find other egos that mutually flatter so they all feel they are right and everyone else is wrong. These MAWPs being individualists have never accepted compassion for the collective as they are only interested in self-promotion.

I am frustrated because the only people I meet are these MAWPs, they are all over Thailand. Thailand attracts them because of their chauvinism, the availability of supposedly-compliant pretty Asian women, and the cheap cost of living that gives them MAWP status - whilst Thailand is cheap the rest is primarily a false trap. Most times I speak with these conditioned I can break through the walls their ego ideas and supposed facts create, but the next time I meet them the wall has gone up again. And the facts they come up with are atrocious, but these conditioned fools cling to these facts because their egos have found a brotherhood along with their mutually flattering alt-righters.

The way through this foolishness is to make it clear how conditioned they are, but their egos are such that they cannot accept they have been conditioned. To them I am a conditioned snowflake because I am compassionate.

These brick-walled egos have come into their own over the last 10 years because of the Dark Money Network. The obvious example is the Koch Brothers funding of climate denial, but there is so much more; I could find more sources if I looked. But why? These egos would never accept it.

These fools are so in love with their egos that the most ludicrous fact can be accepted if it comes from their trusted source - somewhere on the alt-right. This phenomenon is clearly associated with the move to the right symbolised by Trump-puppet. By MAWPs I do not mean the deplorables who accept what he says because he enables their racism and sexism. But if these deplorables were his only voters he wouldn't be in office. The problem is these good people who are the fools with the huge egos - MAWPs. In the US the 1% fund Republicans and Christian Right, and that is sufficient to embed these foolish egos because .... They just make me so angry. There is absolutely no sense. Their greed traps them, their ego traps them, their stupid facts trap them. If I publish this and if they read it (not likely), I will just be dismissed as snowflake-crazy. I try to keep away from them but the problem is these are the only people I know.

And their egos get hurt if I don't want to talk to them. They just don't know how frustrating it is. But that is my fault according to them because they listen, make a change when I talk, but then go back to being MAWPs when I've gone leaving me to start all over again. Some can even say they are conditioned but their ego is sufficiently entrenched that such an admission does not break down any of their walls.

Deep frustration.

The thing is these MAWPs aren't all bad, and if we are to do anything about the 1% then we must work with them. And very few of the MAWPs don't see the 1% as a problem - even if their conditioning makes them focus on other problems such as racism, sexism, snowflakes, PC-police - anything other than their own ego. But these MAWPs are so arrogant they don't know that there is life without ego, and that their ego is their choice. And I hear the MAWP ego popping off at me. We all have egos; we do but by following the path we are not living trapped inside full-blown ego. Full-blown ego is a totally destructive world, following the path has so much peace to it - even if there are still vestiges of ego.

These MAWPs just don't know what life can be like without ego, they are so arrogant and think they are more or less the best there is. Would all people could know the path.


The latest MAWP is amiable and willing to listen - he enjoys the discussion, a good sign. But he is impossibly frustrating for two reasons, he is filled with false facts, and his ego cannot accept he is conditioned. There is some compassion there, so I'd like to delude myself there is some hope.

The path is compassion, it's where we need to start. Scrape away all the conditioning that creates the ego, and we should be left with compassion. Once we have compassion, insight will come, and then the only insight we need to understand society - the power and influence of the 1%. It's simple isn't it? Remove the conditioning, find the compassion that develops the insight that recognises the power and influence of the 1%.

#pathtivism - Remove the conditioning, find the compassion that develops the insight that recognises the power and influence of the 1%.

Frustration with MAWPs.

Just a quick note on snowflakes. Snowflakes are politically more acceptable to me because their politics has a basic compassion - even if that compassion has been manipulated into identity politics and PC-authoritarianism. This censorship is unacceptable, I want people to agree with me but they must choose to. I therefore support the right to free speech - even with the fascists. But of course platforms are paid for, this is why at Berkeley they could attract all the right-wing stars, and as usual the left has no money.

The problem with snowflakes is that their compassion comes from their upbringing - it is conditioned. They have not removed their conditioning and found the compassion of their path. Because it is not compassion of their path (it is watered-down compassion of upbringing) they don't have conviction, so if the material aspects of their life are threatened the compassion soon disappears.

And in terms of facts snowflakes add to the problem because they have reacted to the false facts of the alt-right by supporting mainstream media with their high proportion of liberal false facts ignoring the essential neoliberal nature of mainstream media. This snowflake backlash defends neoliberalism against the alt-right aspect of neoliberalism - so pointless.

However compared with the MAWPs I have greater similarities with the snowflakes. But because of their lack of pathtivism, the lack of conviction has enabled the recent mass movement division in which a far smaller group of funded MAWPs have divided the class. With conviction these MAWPs are no threat, and there is no need for censorship.

I have less frustration with snowflakes because their politics has some compassion as opposed to the fascism the MAWP egos are allied with. Yet neither group is pathtivist because they have not removed the conditioning, nor have they found the compassion that develops the insight to recognise the power and influence of the 1%.

Frustration - more with MAWPs because that is who I meet.


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