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All paths are different but in all ways following the path is the only way forward for us all. When we are following the path we are all pulling together because we are under Gaia’s direction. Following the path is an inner journey, an inner journey to find the Gaia within us, an inner journey that brings peace and harmony with nature. It is a journey that we all need to start, and when we all start it all the issues that divide and separate us will all disappear.

The main separator comes from ego because ego cuts us off from our spirit, Gaia within us, the Creator within us, God within us. Ego comes in many forms but it is fundamentally uncontrolled desire, desire that does not know its place within Gaia, within Nature. It shows in greed where our personal greed for accumulation drives us to consume more than we need. This has political ramifications because that greed drives resource exploitation that is destroying the planet. That greed has a power component, we want to accumulate more, we want more power.

Separation is caused by our conditioning. As young we learn, we learn through instinct, we learn through our upbringing, and we learn through education; all of these combine as conditioning. But then as adults we need to go in and mature. With maturity comes a recognition of conditioning, and we can let go of the support conditioning gives us, and decide for ourselves. That is the maturity that comes from going inwards, that comes from following the path. When we start to be mature we are not driven by the instincts that Gaia has given us to nurture us, and we are not driven by societal conditioning, we decide for ourselves, we follow Gaia’s path.

When we follow the path we develop discrimination. This discrimination helps us see the truth when all around us there are lies driven by vested interest. We develop discrimination to know who are good people, and we value goodness and the goodness in those people. Part of discrimination is knowing that goodness and moral integrity is what matters, goodness and moral integrity are the parts of the path that unite us and provide the social infrastructure that brings harmony. Ego puts itself above the path, above goodness and moral integrity destroying the moral infrastructure that binds society together. Discrimination helps us to recognise wisdom in ourselves (insight) and wisdom in others, it helps us to know who the wise leaders are, those people who can lead with compassion, who can help society live in harmony with Gaia.

Throughout our society people are pulling in different directions, directions that are driven by ego. Some of these people are activists whose rationales might be for the betterment of society but for whom ego is the director. Such people cause division, and they are not trusted – deep down people only trust the path. These activists need to detach from their egos, take an inner journey and follow their own paths. This is difficult for activists to do because they are attached to the power that comes from their own activism.

When their activism follows their path, then they know that the purpose of activism is to enable others to follow the path. They work with people to enable them to follow their own paths. Through this enabling communities will regain the power that egotism and conditioning has taken away from them. Pathtivists follow their own inner journey, and because of their activism enable the community to follow their own journey. Activism that is not pathtivism is driven by ego and is ultimately divisive even if the activists are not aware of this deluded by their own egos.

There is only one activism. Going on your own journey, finding your path, sharing your path, and enabling others to follow their path. Instead at present we have division because activism is controlled by ego, and those following the path are marginalised in our society. This is not a wise society, it is a society controlled by ego and greed. It is a self-destructing society, the nature of ego.

The whole tone of this blog appears harsh and judgemental ie ego. Look at “in all ways following the path is the only way forward for us all”, and “there is only one activism”. So I want to tone it down, to convince you it is not ego – and that is because the path is not ego.

Firstly it says there is only one activism – following the path, it does not say there is only one action. Struggle takes many forms and that is at the choice of the person struggling. But for many involved in struggle this can also be ego. Are activists creating harmony with their struggle? Making people aware of their conditioning creates harmony despite the initial disruption, but if the activist is creating division because of commitments to the idealism of their chosen struggle, that is not harmony, that is not beneficial, to Gaia or humanity. If that activist condemns other activists there is division – shaming and other contemporary internet activities are usually divisive. Maybe awareness is what is needed over the shaming issue, I don’t know the particular situation. The activist is required to judge, the path must judge, compassion must be the guide. The actions of the activist must be discerning, it is not for me to say how, it is for the path. The path discerns, ego and emotion don’t.

A good priest is caring for her/his community – shows compassion. Is the priest an activist? For many activists a priest is not seen as such. There is an idealism about religion that it supports the system so the priest is condemned yet s/he may well be being compassionate. But sitting with detached meditation it is clear that in many ways religion does support the system. But how do we differentiate supporting the system and supporting the people in the community? The answer is that we don’t, but the path does. If the priest is making no efforts to follow the path but is simply following the doctrine of the church, then it is likely that her/his judgement is compromised and her/his actions are supporting the system. But if the priest is following the path then the path will decide. We can help the priest by supporting her/his work with the community, help the priest find her/his path enabling uncompromised judgement, but condemnation of her/his work because of an ideal about religion is divisive. Equally if the priest condemns the activist for not being religious this is also adherence to ideals, it is divisive. There is only one measure – the path of compassion.
br> So on closer examination the harsh judgementalism of insisting on following the path as the one activism has within it individual choice, it is not prescribed action. Following the path is hard in the sense that we must always be wary, mindful and aware – even though following the path brings great joy. Activism requires that inner journey with all the enquiry, conviction and awareness that an inner journey demands. And once we have touched our own inner journey then we go out and have the struggle within our communities as to how we can help enable these people. And that enabling is the beginning of the path for those people as well. The focus is the path, the path that enables and helps, the path that is compassion, the path that has no idealisms. And despite the words used the path that has no egoic judgementalism.

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