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What does pathtivism bring to the struggle

The essential psychological attribute required by neoliberalism is apathy. They want people to feel there is nothing to be done. Have they succeeded in this? Absolutely, because there is global rage, a rage produced by the feeling that there is nothing to be done, that we are just cogs in the machine.

These responses are simply conditioned. And you need to start with people moving beyond conditioning. That is the path - moving beyond conditioning. When there is no conditioning then people are free to choose. And what will they choose - compassion. Conditioned egos choose greed, free choice is compassion.

People on the path know that the struggle is hard, they know the power of conditioning, and they know that they have to be strong to overcome conditioning. Compare this with the whining of the apathetic. People moaning because things should be fair, people moaning because of injustice, moaning is not struggle ,moaning is just apathy - a conditioned response within neoliberalism.

Following the path is not easy. For people coming into touch with their own paths they have often experienced depression, depression which is rage turned in on themselves because of the apathy created by the neoliberalism. At the same time this depression is also the path trying to express itself. We are not taught about the path, there is usually nothing (unless there is the fortune for family to have recognised the path) in our upbringing that indicates the importance of the path.

For those who follow the path there is nothing else, there is no choice, there is just path. With the path comes joy, not enjoyment that comes from actions such as entertainment, but deep-seated intrinsic joy that is part of the path. That joy is not a consequence of success or failure, it is simply a consequence of following the path. In terms of the struggle it is not success or failure in the struggle that is the motivation, it is the joy that comes from the compassion of following the path.

So why has the path not contributed more to the struggle in the past? And the answer to that comes from the weaknesses of the labour institutions discussed in the last blog. The Labour movement is focussed on greed, more money for the members. There is no respect for Gaia, and the path is Gaia. Without respect for Gaia people on the path are not true to themselves, there is some compassion in struggling for the poor to get more, but if the only way to do get more is to participate in a system that is exploiting resources this is not natural and people on the path won't want this.

People on the path only follow truth. If the party has been corrupted and is not following the truth then pathtivism cannot follow. The movement has been conditioned into greed. This greed excludes pathtivists, and it is pathtivism that can correct the conditioning that has produced the greed.

And if there is a move to align the path to the movement then pathtivism will bring great strength and mobilisation to the movement. Pathtivists have their own incentives, whilst social success is a plus, failure is not a minus because pathtivists have their own motivation. They have the discipline because they have the joy of the path.

The path is not about ideals but about compassion. At present the education within the movement is concerned with educating about ideals, and ideals are the finishing line. If people are motivated by the finishing line and it moves further away, then in comes apathy, frustration and rage. Pathtivists have moved beyond such emotions, and their internal strength carries them forward.

Snowflakes are not following the path, they are entitled feeling that they deserve justice. They feel that if they are working for themselves and their families they deserve just rewards. This is nonsense when they are in a system that is designed to benefit the 1%. Following the path will help them see the true way of the world. The alt-right egos have recognised the need for personal strength, but when that strength has been conditioned to work for greed - ie the 1% there is no future for them or humanity. Their personal strength needs to be redirected to compassion, to a recognition that a compassionate society is a far better way to live than living on the edge continually being forced to work - as ego-slaves, little better than wage-slaves.

Pathtivism brings with it joy, compassion and unity, what more do you want?

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