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Political Fantasising

My mind has been buzzing too much today, sadly buzzing into a fantasy. It started with Yanis and Bernie and their progressive international - discussed here, and then #pathtivism kicked in; listening to Yanis with Russell, and then hearing that Yanis was a Buddhist meditator (Sharon Salzburg with Russell) gives the pathtivist hope. Would it that every activist wakes up and meditates, would it that Diem25 not be bogged down with egos like every political organisation. Would it that Diem25 involve the spiritual community.

Would it that there be a vanguard of pathtivists in Diem 25. A group of warriors whose pathtivism promoted spirituality within Diem25. Would that Diem25 start with compassion and have as a slogan "develop the human spirit in the service of the international collective", and maybe even that international collective be the progressive international Bernie and Yanis are talking of.

Yes my mind was fantasising. I had drifted onto the page of Diem25 as to the British MPs that Diem25 . There was a horrible name that came up - Nick Clegg, they suggest he has changed; Diem25 support him, Yanis doesn't but accepts the collective decision. It supports Corbyn and McDonnell, but cannot support Labour because it is neoliberal.

This made me think of Momentum, do they support Momentum or is it too Trot? The real issue of such a collective as Diem25 is not the politicians they support but whether they are building a grassroots campaign: what organisations are they aligning with? So far I have seen none.

And this brings me back to education and a vanguard of pathtivist warriors. Would that Diem 25 could be an organisation that promotes such education. Would that Diem25 recognise that political failure is built on ego. Would that Diem25 recognise that so many comrades fade because of a lack of commitment once the first bloom of revolutionary fervour fails. I recently read that Alice Walker once said (can't find it) that it was her duty to be an activist. It came from her being alive, her nature - her path - her #pathtivism.

Would that Diem25 could embrace the direction of Indigenous peoples, would that Diem25 could seek their wisdom and incorporate it into the progressive international.

Would that Yanis be the embodiment of spiritual warrior. It has always been a failure of the movement to involve the compassion of the religious fighter. I am not talking about religious followers but those religious people whose spiritual struggle has made them question faith, whose religious conviction has questioned the dogma and taken them beyond conditioning to an understanding of the deeper meaning of religion - the path. This path is of compassion, yet they are not attracted to the movement because the movement is materialistic. Would that the movement were not materialistic, and that education through pathtivism or otherwise recognise this; for many the movement is a blind acceptance of an ideology, and worse a demand that people follow their ideology or not be part of the movement. This is not the spirit that Yanis is working for.

In the end would that Diem25 could stand up and say our platform is compassion, we are compassionate warriors who wish to unite the warriors of the world in their struggle against the 1% and their insanity that is destroying the world. At least Diem25 facebook page says shake Europe compassionately.


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