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Wake-Up Call

Good people on the right, you have just had a wake-up call; the problem is that you don't know it.

"Good" people on the right. Who voted for Trump? Deplorables sure, but "good" Americans voted for him. "Good" middle-class Americans, income bracket $50,000 - $99,000, voted for him. Whatever their motivations, racism, improving the economy, draining the swamp - even the wall, "good" people voted for him. These people, in my opinion - misguided people, voted for him, but these people are not crazed - like the deplorables. Presumably they thought Trump would make things better. But whatever, these people are "good" - normal, just want things a bit better. Just people of my background but American.

What was the wake-up call. They have voted for someone under whose presidency these bombs have been sent. (MSM refs - NYT1, NYT2 & Time). To his credit Trump decried the bombings - not enough according to MSM, but his focus is on campaigning about the (immigrant) caravan as a mid-term strategy. In a "normal" society mass letter bombs do not get sent to political opposition in an election. There are always the lunatic fringe but they don't do this kind of thing at election time. Nor would most politicians want this kind of thing because under normal circumstances this letter-bomb campaign would have ended any politician's hope. "Good" people on the right. Look back 10 years. Would you have voted for someone in whose campaigning a lunatic would send these letter bombs? "Good" people, this would have been a complete wake-up call even 5 years ago. Is it a wake-up call now?

"But you don't know it." It's not a wake-up call because it is just seen as part of the continuing bipartisanship that has been hyped up by all media since Trump's election. Just another thing. It is NOT just another thing, for normal human beings of whatever political persuasion this should have been a wake-up call. It is a breakdown in the rule of law in an electoral democracy that opposition candidates receive letter bombs. A breakdown in the rule of law.

I spoke to two acquaintances last night. One is a person who reads business newspapers. The other was an apathetic who doesn't follow politics much, he sought his info on youtube without being discerning about their bias. Both told me it was a hoax, and one then said letter bombs are a fact of life. I blame their news sources. So what about the "good" people who voted for Trump? Are their news sources any better? Of course they are going to ignore MSM as whining snowflakes, so whatever their sources are they going to get the perspective that this is a wake-up call, a breakdown in the rule of law?

What doesn't help is that in MSM or on the Liberal/left they have become so inured to the confusion and appalling actions of Trump, this is just another "Trump thing". It isn't. Whilst snowflakes need to wake-up for other reasons, Liberals (with their PC-authoritarianism and whatever else) are not the problem with this. The problem is you, "good" people, you are the people who need the "wake-up call". You need to see what is happening to your society because you have become inured to such a devastating action.

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