Deep State

Years ago in the UK there was an excellent mini-series called “A Very British Coup”. In this a socialist and trade unionist was voted in as prime minister (Harry Perkins), but when he got into power he could not do anything because the civil service, military, finance, media and landowners all fought against him. This would have been the people through Harry Perkins against the Deep State. I believe the equivalent in the US would be Washington, MIC, Wall Street, MSM and rich families; is that their Deep State?

The 1% control the Deep State, this is who they exert their power and influence on (through lobbying etc.) – and then to be safe control the politicians as well because they need puppets to pretend there is some form of democracy. But even if we were able to vote for honest and truthful politicians there still would not be government for and by the people because of the Deep State.

I only have some idea as to what the Deep State does, but it is because of the hidden manipulations of the Deep State that conspiracies abound – along with the discrediting strategy. When democratic people call for the end of government I understand it because the Deep State is not accountable. In theory the politicians control the Deep State, and the vote controls the politicians; in practise the vote deludes people that they have a say in government whilst the 1% controls the puppets and Deep State to continue their accumulation.

When Libertarians call for the end of taxes and government I understand this as a wish to control the Deep State. But in removing government they also remove compassion which in my view ought to be the main benchmark of a civilised society. In the UK this compassion is shown as the NHS, state education, and social services as well as international development money (of course one function of education is to maintain the status quo of the 1%-system). In addition the government maintains the infrastructure but deludes us into believing that the infrastructure is for the people, when examination of that infrastructure clearly demonstrates that such infrastructure is primarily for big business profits by eliminating transportation costs of infrastructure. The Liberals have focussed on the compassionate aspects of government maintaining the delusion that it is government for the people, meanwhile the Deep State has been unfettered doing the bidding of their 1%-masters. The Liberals have ignored the war-mongering and financial accumulation whilst they have promoted identity politics and the limited compassionate acts. It is this position of the manipulations of the Deep State that Trump has exploited to get the vote of the populist right. There is no doubt in my mind that these compassionate services are not intended to be effective but if government doesn’t administer such schemes people will suffer.

When you start to consider Deep State one question opens many, and there is only one answer. We cannot know. What are best trade deals, what is the best security apparatus? We cannot know because there is too much to know and we are not experts. Equally honest and truthful politicians cannot know, even though they are expected to guide. So where does that leave us?

Truth and trust.

We cannot trust the Deep State to work in our interests when they are in the pockets of the 1%. We cannot trust the Deep State to work in our interests when they are not truthful. And they can never be truthful whilst we don’t have honest and truthful politicians.

To begin to exact change we need to reign in the power and influence of the 1% by gaining some control of the Deep State – especially through the encouragement of honest and truthful whistleblowers. Beyond the truth of whistleblowers we need our public representatives to be honest and truthful. If we know they are trustworthy then they maybe can begin to control the Deep State. Vote for compassion and truth, and not party allegiance. Liberals laughed at Trump’s lack of integrity yet did not question the lies of Hillary. Neither candidate had compassion or truth, the people had no choice. It is time we changed our voting patterns to be truth and compassion then perhaps we can begin to regain peoples’ control.