Ending War

NATO and Western governments are part of a war-mongering system, and the ending of war needs to be priority. The 1% will not end war because they profit out of war. As most of the 1% live in the West, so long as the battleground is not in the West they do not care if war is exported. John Stockwell describes a Third World War happening throughout the world except for NATO countries. This Third World War is now happening in the Middle East but not in aligned oil countries such as Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Abu Dhabi and UAE. It is happening in oil countries that are not aligned to western interests, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and threatening to happen in Iran. Drone wars are happening in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. Whilst so many Muslims are dying, the 1% are comfortable in their Western beds, knowing that the next day they can wake up and bank their accumulated profits.

No truthful and honest politician can open their hearts without a call for the end of war. This has to be the call of compassion in a Unity Platform. Somehow we have to move the political agenda towards ending war. Demanding politicians be compassionate and truthful is a start.