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2.3) The Fastlight

The ruai were quick to mount a new mission to the planet with the object, a planet they called Nungkon. And it was almost as quick they discovered the euridium. Samples were returned to earth, and different mineral possibilities were separated out. Once they separated this new metal, they called magnetum, they discovered there was an attraction. They couldn’t explain it. Two samples which were placed at different ends of the laboratory suddenly appeared joined together, one sample would disappear and suddenly reappear connected to the second. Then they determined that lead prevented the attraction, if a sample was placed in a lead container then there was no attraction – as soon as the magnetum was taken out of the container there was the attraction. The scientists then extended the distance, and found that the attraction had no distance deficiencies. They had established two properties of magnetum:-

1) Once exposed outside lead containers magnetum would attract whatever the distance – as far as they new.

2) The attraction was instantaneous.

What they did not know was what was the medium of connection, in plain English where the hell did the magnetum go when it disappeared?

This question was ignored as they saw endless possibilities, instant travel being an obvious one. They discovered another metal on Nungkon, and this metal, they called protectum, also acted as a barrier to the magnetum. In fact it was betterthan lead because it had greater resilience in terms of external forces being applied to it, again in plain English it could not be damaged. The experiments moved to animal testing, and this was particularly where protectum came into its own. Making a vehicle of protectum they placed a mouse next to the magnetum inside the protectum vehicle, and instantaneously the vehicle with mouse was transported across laboratory, then country …. then the planet. Once tested on humans, very soon magprot transit systems were created across the world, and obviously there was much dependence on this apparent free gift.

Not satisfied with this natural bounty the ruai tried to expand the transit system, and soon realised that the limitation was the availability of magnetum and protectum on Nungkon. That is when the deaths started as scientists tried to synthesise the new metals with earth-based substitutes, and found animals crushed inside these attempted substitutes. Eventually the scientists had to report their failure, and forcing an increased space expansion to get more of these transit metals. Sadly for UG these humans had determined that the distance between euridium samples was ever-expanding, as far as the humans were concerned the distance was not finite. This meant of course that they developed a space transit system, and that obviously concerned the UG agent, Corders.

And for Corders there was another UG protocol that was very important in assessing the maturity of these humans – their PI; in part it was evidenced by their failure to understand the Unity principle with regards to euridium. Euridium was never separate, it was always only one seam – UG called it. The separation by distance was simply an illusion in space-time, and when it could safely do so euridium just returned to the seam – the Unity of the seam. The instantaneous travel across time and space was just the Unity of the seam.

And this also demonstrated another protocol that was particularly obvious with these humans. They failed to recognise the Unity of their own species; Gaia was just one being. They were still deluded by the apparent separation of their physical bodies, they did not understand that their maturity functioned on the recognition of this Unity and all its implications. Of course this understanding could never happen whilst the ruai continued with their accumulation, and their exploitation of others to achieve this. Corders saw the immaturity of these humans dominated by ruai as a major stumbling block, and following protocol reported to UG once they had fastlight.

“We are left with the usual dilemma with immature species who manage to get fastlight out of sync – out of harmony – in a sense before Gaia intended,” the UG council representative, Uban, reflected whilst meeting with Corders.

“Where do we go with these ….?” she continued rhetorically.

“Humans,” interceded Corders waiting for more meaningful reflection from Uban.

“We have to move up the stages,” conceded Uban “as they have fastlight and can therefore threaten us. Have they accessed any of our networks?” she asked.

“No,” answered Corders “their planet is at a great distance from our main transport. But it is only a matter of time. And we don’t want such immaturity corrupting our networks.”

“Of course not,” muttered Uban almost inaudibly. “Apart from protecting ourselves our priority has to be to encourage species development,” she announced glancing warningly at Corders “no matter how ignorant these humans are we have a duty to Gaia to help bring them to the Path.”

“Tell me again,” she asked “why do you think they will not come to this realisation naturally?”

“Their organisation is much like the firsts,” she reported. “They are dominated by a small group, the humans call them ruai. To maintain their power the ruai have prevented human development unless it benefitted their accumulation. To us these humans are slaves but as with the firsts the ruai have developed a pattern of delusion amongst these humans such that they think they are working for themselves when all they are is slaves to the ruai.”

“What you are describing appears to mean we need interference,” Uban concluded after a moment’s refelection “but remember Gaia will always offer up some help. Go to earth and find those humans Gaia is bringing along to the Path. Find those individuals with high PI and see if there is any way they can become more influential.”

Uban saw Corders’ face drop. She smiled forcing a smile from Corders “Yes you must go there, work with the high PI individuals and see what can be done to minimise interference. And,” concluded Uban “do it with a smile.”

With sheepish amusement Corders left for earth on what many UG representatives referred to as mission impossibles.