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1.5) The Light

It was Armo who had made contact with this new hatchling as they called them. Experienced, Armo had been doing this for years - searching for new hatchlings; they called him a groomer. His role amongst them – they called themselves the Light – was to search for people who were beginning to find their true selves – the hatchlings. He with other groomers would work to try and develop these hatchlings so they could work with the Light; and eventually the Light would …. who knew - that was what Nature would decide.

As with all Changers their powers had started with a meditation experience, but then what they did as part of the Light changed as they developed individual abilities. As a groomer he had developed a way of sensing presence in the Light – that in itself was not hard new hatchlings sensed presence. But unlike the hatchlings his mind was now trained not to immediately jump back, fear of the new caused the jumping but it was also often a sense of control – mind losing control, with mind not separating from ONEness. With experience this startled response disappeared, then the hatchlings could develop their own control. Before this groomers helped them as Armo was going to do with Arico. Forewarned Armo could find Arico.

In ONEness there was no separation, but when an individual used their minds to seek ONEness there was a ripple as the mind eschewed all personality to become ONE. This ripple was the highest form of separation, but in this highest form had subtle characteristics. Armo sought compassion although he knew others who love, empathy and the most difficult to detect – pure equanimity. Where his compassion had met Arico, Armo knew that was where he would find that subtle signature again. But this time he must use his own mind to prevent Arico’s mind from pulling back – stop that mind from preventing the compassion from flowing. Time tended to be a factor although less so with hatchlings. Meditation was daily practice, necessary to deal with the drugs and all the other aspects of the slavery of the ruai. Routine always helped on bad days; getting up, showering and meditating got rid of the weakness coming from bad nights – and there were many of those given the stress that came from slavery. No stress was not the word, it was feeble, slavery was much more than that.

Having made First Connect Armo knew it was likely that he could feel the same rippling signature of compassion. There was a sense of location – a junction as the ripple became Oneness, so he was prepared. His own compassion moved forward waiting to meet, and as they touched he pushed his mind beyond his own compassion through Arico’s mind looking for the signal to jump back. And sure enough there it was – the startled response. It was a spear, a grappling hook, as if on elastic. As Armo felt Arico’s bolt begin to pull in the compassion, he wrapped his mind around it as if using a blanket to wrap round and smother the sharpness of the point. Once this bolt had been dulled there was nothing to pull back the compassion and Armo and Arico met on the Light in ONEness.

How do you describe such a meeting? There was a separation as Armo and Arico had a certain sense of consciousness in the Light, no consciousness was not the word, more a slight awareness of subtle individuality. There was no sense awareness – it was beyond sense, meditators in early times would never have experienced such – it would have been far too individual. But in these times of enslavery Nature needs to adjust – to make changes. She allowed this subtle individuality to make a connection; needs must. But this connection could not have characteristics, but she did allow insight – a new dimension of Insight that could never be accessed through the gross minds of separation.

And it was through insight that communication could exist in this dimension; words were never a part of it – that was too gross; language was too separate. Armo had fashioned the insight that Arico needed. It was an insight concerning youth not being formed, not having conviction, not having insight. It was also an insight concerning vulnerability, changers were vulnerable as forces of the ruai sought to harm them. As Armo met Arico he focussed on these insights, and at the moment of contact where he had helped Arco not bolt with fear they felt these insights together. When Arico’s mind processed the meditation he gave language to the insight, and it became to him “Don’t attach to youth they are not formed and are dangerous”; at the same time Arico knew his own weakness and had added “Be patient”. In language terms the communication was inexact, yet in some ways more real because of the subtlety of insight – its depth.

Once first connection with ONEness had been made, it could never be broken – it could never be forgotten; Arico’s life had been changed – he could not change back even if his personality might choose to. And his connection was sealed in the Light. That was enough for the time being as the hatchling developed, greater duties lay ahead. Armo had left Arico with a sense of knowing that if Armo was needed he would be there – it was the seal of the insight dimension; all the Light would be there. Such deep conviction gave great strength.