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Ru17 woke. Nice day outside crossed his mind. Pleasant. He called for his food, and M12 brought the nutrition and placed it by the exby. As usual Ru17 began the required exercise, and stopped eliciting a warning from the exby. He ignored this, and walked towards the door. Pleasant day, go outside, the thought came to him.

At the door the Moobs saw this, it seemed the way their gaze followed his movements that they noticed the difference in the routines. No, they could not notice, they were Moobs.

Once outside Ru17 breathed in deeply – again unusual at least a little bit so. The air from the nice day entered deep in his lungs, and felt good to his body. Ru17 just felt a nice day, and continued walking – walking was exercise.

Outside the house was the drive, and around the house was the green of the well-kept lawns; he followed the road for a while. To his left he saw a slight commotion and walked towards it. A robot tending the lawn had collapsed. A Moob had come over, called, and they were waiting. Whilst Ru17 was watching a vehicle arrived and out stepped maintenance robots who replaced the collapsed robot and drove off again. Nothing unusual in this routine although Ru17 had never seen it before – except in the movies. After watching he continued walking, it mattered not – robots and Moobs do what they are supposed to. It is the way, the way? He paused then continued walking - walking a distance for exercise.

And reached the wall, never been here before. For a while he followed the wall and there was the gate, not seen that before either. No matter, he followed the road back to the house. In his room the exby was still issuing its warning so he did what was required to shut it up, finished his nutes, and went to sit down.

M12 brought him his usual drink following the exby, and he sat down turning on the screen. There were the mandatory mental exercises that he rattled off, the machine did not complain so that’s OK. His reward – choice of movie. He watched “Ejaculation” all the way through, and at the end switched from movie to the work combo. The screen told him “There are 5 decisions today:-”…. Not bothering with them he clicked recommended action – as he was expected to do, called over M12 for another drink.

Soon after the drink he drifted into slumber – and M12 moved over to her post where she sat and also appeared to doze.

After a while M12 was nudged by her post so she moved over to wake Ru17 and again placed the nutes next to the exby; he completed the exercise as required, clicked the recommended actions, watched the “maintenance” movie and slept again. In the evening the routine was completed again, and then M12 escorted him to his bedroom where she comforted him to sleep.

If anything anywhere was at all bothered this was an unusual day, what passed for a Kajaa smile was felt within Mubanrao.

The next morning a pleasant day greeted Ru17, and he began the exby finishing part way through leaving the machine alone to listen to its own warning. Outside he followed the road to the gate and walked through. At the gate several Moobs were just stood there standing with robots. Ru17 instructed one Moob to come with him but it did not move. This registered slightly until M12 came up to him, and they both left through the gate following the road for a while. Ru17 heard a rustle to the left, and he moved towards the sound – and M12 gently followed – just followed. After a while a bird flew away, and Ru17 kind of followed it – and M12 also sort of followed. Soon M12 felt tired and sat down, and looking at her Ru17 sat as well; sitting was fine. Again he drew his breath deeply and M12 did similar feeling less tired. They looked towards the bird now in the distance, looked back towards the gate also in the distance, and started to walk back.

Reaching his room the machine was still complaining, so with effort he complied. M12 sat at her post as he watched the “Social Order” movie falling asleep. Then decisions were made, sleep again, and so on. They fell asleep together.

And the next day was not so nice there was rain. She brought the nutes and he finished the exby, then they went walking – not triggering the movie and decisions. Out the gate they went to where they had heard the bird rustle and followed its supposed trail. They were wet, the trail was wet, but they followed. They were tired but it seemed not to matter; they stayed out there - it seemed OK. Again Ru17 breathed deeply and M12 copied him, they repeated this several times. It was refreshing like taking the nutes only different, their bodies noted this. Then they returned. Ru17 made the first set of decisions, and immediately came the second; he perfunctorily made those. Exby was required, he did that. M12 brought nutes, he watched a movie, made decisions and they slept.

Again Kajaa smiled at the unusual day.

Next day Ru17 rushed the exercise, ran the movie and went out so he could walk, something made him want to walk, and walk with M12, that strange thought came to him – then as with all thoughts it just drifted away. Once outside the gate they stopped and breathed deeply several times, and bodies invigorated began walking again. Almost automatically they walked the “rustle” way simply out of habit and kept going. The day was not so nice – not raining as yesterday, but it felt good walking. Ru17 paused breathing again, and this time looked around. Enjoyment came to him through what he saw, maybe it was beautiful, and breathing again he felt energy enough to walk on. Pausing he watched M12 as she copied him, he smiled at this – a strange thing for his body to do - this smile; from inside he felt a warmth and it just seemed the right thing to curve the edge of his mouth upwards. The Moob copied him and there came to Ru17 a feeling of mutual sense. Mutual seemed a strange thought with regards to a Moob, the word had a parity that could not possibly be.

At the gate he paused again to breathe, the body was taking the last part of outside refreshment before they returned inside to the routines. As he reached his room there was the warning, he fulfilled his tasks, fast forwarded the movies to access the decisions, and just sat in silence. M12 seemed also to sit in similar silence but of course Moob talking was limited – and only ever response. After the silence tiredness overtook him, and they retired to bed.

"We will have extra nutes today," he told M12 "today we walk far." The Moob complied. They walked towards the gate, and once outside began their breathing, their bodies wanting the outside inside. Almost instinctively they followed their usual way – and beyond. A feeling of niceness came to him – then passed. As they walked the scene changed and this produced a further feeling of niceness which too passed. “Enjoyment comes when we walk” he told M12 smiling, she copied his smile; that also brought niceness that passed. Inside his body the feeling had registered, there was a connection between joy and walking. The thought came to him, yesterday there was joy when walking; this thought did not pass but stayed a while. There would be more joy with more walking came to him, somehow that thought was important as it came to him with more presence – more power.

As they walked joy came repeatedly as different parts of Mubanrao sent thoughts to them. All around there was life getting on with it – life. There were small things – insects, larger things – animals, all just getting on with it, and all the actions seemed to send Ru17 thoughts of joy, many thoughts of joy, so many that he was almost in a constant state of joy as he walked. This was good, and as he felt the joy so he smiled and M12 smiled, and smiling together also brought thoughts of joy. This is better than the movies came to him, what did that mean? There was joy; there were the movies, they were different: better?

They spent the rest of the day in joy and smiling, then as it got dark returned to the house where decisions were made, and then they went to bed tired. He smiled, she copied his smile, and they slept comfortably - ejaculation forgotten.

Next morning he woke up with a determination, quickly called M12, and off they went walking again. Today was beautiful, and he felt a greater joy - a more powerful joy; this was connected to the beauty came to him. As they reached where they usually turned off the main drive, it was time to walk somewhere else so he did not turn – neither did M12. After a while she paused and smiled, and started to turn pointing. Immediately Ru17 reacted to this indignantly, this Moob was not following the order – the social order; but instead he ignored his negativity and took the turn she had suggested. And so pleased he was at doing this, for after a short while they came to some water flowing where they both sat. Water was important, as the movie said Mubans should drink 2-3 bottles a day – and that was regulated. But this water was different, it flowed – not like a tap. It meandered, rocks redirected the flow, small whirlpools disturbed the surface in quieter places, and then up popped an animal thing. Both he and M12 jumped at this, and then there was a joy at the sight. He looked at her and smiled – and she back, then she pointed upstream so off he went – following where she pointed had brought better joy before. And they did – walking a distance until they reached where water fell and spray refreshed them even as they stopped to breathe in the wonderful nature. It is time to go back came to him, and they retraced their tracks down the bank of the water – river.

Soon he had a strange feeling. It was getting dark and they were not at home, the feeling made him speed up – and she dutifully followed. By the time they arrived it was completely dark except for the stars that showed them where to go. At the gate there were robots and Moobs with light so once they neared the road they knew where to go.

Once in Ru17 immediately collapsed in his chair, and M12 went off collected the nutes but brought the wrong drink. Looking at the drink indignation rose again but he felt his own tiredness – she must be tired, so he ignored the mistake. Just before he dozed off he looked she was asleep, and smiled – a tiring day.

After dozing for a while he awoke, made the decisions, ignored the movie, then it was time for bed. Where was M12? Normally she was just there when he was ready, she was asleep. A tiring day. But he needed her so he could sleep, so he woke her. At first she looked disturbed (apologetic) because he had needed to wake her, then she smiled, he smiled back, and off they went to bed to sleep – ejaculation forgotten.

The next day they woke later but he had no determination. Do his chores. Quickly the exby, the mental exercises, the movie he chose “Ejaculation” again.

The Muban in the white coat began “Ejaculation is a natural way of removing toxins, just as passing water and faeces. It is important not to allow toxins to build up. Your Moob is conditioned to collect and remove the toxins. Do not touch yourself as the actions can cause mental harm leave it to the Moob. Remember that in the social order Moobs cannot feel like we do so the collection and removal of these ejaculated toxins does not cause them harm.”

For two nights you have not ejaculated came to him, do you feel harm?

After the movie he relaxed in silence, look inside your head came a thought. It swirled. Be calm came the thought, and as he did so the swirling stopped bringing with it a natural clarity. Now you are beginning to be open came the thought as is M12. Openness is important it came again, remember this openness. Remember?

There was a comfort and joy he had only felt whilst walking and he watched himself walking with M12.

The machine was clicking into action, what was Ru17 doing? Kajaa was happy, the machine was disturbed.

The next day they sought the water, just being here is joyful came to Ru17. This time they followed the stream, it just seemed the right thing to do; he walked she followed. A sense of peace. He began to watch where he walked, his eyes gazing at the ground where he put his foot. There was a stone, he moved to the side maintaining his gaze, behind him M12 tripped and fell against him. Picking her up he looked into her eyes, a smile, there was comfort and they moved on. “Look where you walk,” he smiled at her. She began doing this, and it was easier for her, it seemed. She did not fall.

Then there was a sound, he looked up to see bird fly out from the grass. It startled him and he slipped falling into the water. He splashed around this is fun, and he saw the look on the face of M12. He clambered out as she was worried. Smiling he took her hand and she followed him back into the water. They both splashed and felt fun. After a while the splashing brought on tiredness, and they lay down on the bank and drifted off to sleep.

When Ru17 awoke he found M12 curled up beside him, and her contact pleased him. He shook her gently by the shoulders, and together they walked back to the house before it got dark.

When they arrived back the machine was its usual agitation, Ru17 quietened its annoyance, took the nutes from M12, and they both drifted off to sleep.

Kajaa smiled, they were feeling their bodies and emotions were arising; what would the machine think? The machine was clicking into action, what was Ru17 doing? Kajaa was happy, the machine was disturbed.

A while back the machine had decided it was time for a child. M24 was informed that he was to gather the ejaculant from Ru29 that evening so he collected it, stored it in the ejacbox and gave it to the robot who took it to the nursery. At the nursery Ru29’s womb was established, M12 then gathered the ejaculant from Ru 17, and Ru29’s womb was fertilised in the nursery.

After birth the Moobs took care of Ru32’s every need. Over the years Kajaa had accepted the withdrawal of instincts for survival. Instincts had always been an obstacle to maturity but with every Muban need catered for, the balance between instinct and maturity became completely skewed. Kajaa had watched as increasingly instinct dominated throughout Muban life as their egotistical lifestyles thrived on indulging instinct never embracing the maturity that Kajaa had designed for developing wisdom. Muban development had always been a battle between instinct and insight, a battle whose victory was intended for older age as instinct waned. But it was the battle itself which brought maturity, and for this manufactured life the battle never even began as instinct was never needed. Ru32 never needed for anything. There had never been a conscious decision over food as the machine regulated this through the Moobs. Never a need for reason as the machine regulated all of Ru32’s needs, even adolescent pains were taken away by the Moobs. This manufactured life although not understood so at the time had withdrawn most that was human faculty leaving bodies with limited sentience and perception. Because the egos had become so dominant and dangerous, Kajaa did not object but it was the consciousness of Mubans that gave Kajaa her flavour.

Walking became regular for Ru17 and M12, going outside was a whole new movie to learn. But this learning was an internal aspiration as opposed to the limited rotes the machine asked of them. They wanted to name all that was outside, and surprisingly these names had strong historical coincidence. They even named each other, Roy and Marta. And Roy began to write about the names, and what they did. Listening to the machine and watching what appeared on the screen, he attempted to develop an alphabet which he then used as the basis for his book on nature. And as the books developed so he started to ask questions, it was logical sense.

As they walked they also became closer. There were the smiles. If they lost balance they would touch, and the feeling was pleasant – more than pleasant. Ejaculation took on a new meaning as together they began to enjoy it. One time Roy’s hands wandered, and touched Marta’s sex. He could see it gave her pleasure, and that became mutual. It seemed natural for him to put it inside her. That made ejaculation far more than the movies spoke of, although they were careful to keep samples for the machine. Ejaculation developed into passion, and it became something they looked forward to. And when they were out walking they would often stop to touch and kiss, and enjoy each other in nature. They became loving, and this love opened up a whole new world of understanding.

And enquiry. The more they loved, the more they explored nature. They wanted to go further but time in the day limited them – and it seemed sensible to be at home each night for the machine. They noticed the robots arriving in a machine – called car. Could they use that to explore further? That soon became routine. It started with them climbing into the car when the robots arrived. They watched the robots and it seemed easy. One day Roy decided to try for himself. When the robot got out of the car to perform its chore, Roy climbed in and found he could drive it away. They had a vehicle and in this way Roy and Marta explored further.

They spoke of the ejacbox, why would the ejaculation be stored? When next Marta was instructed to use the ejacbox, they decided to follow the car in their own. And there they found Ru72 who they all agreed to name Rana. Rana was mainly helped by M61 who it was agreed they call Mit. Together and separately they explored the land around. For a while Roy spent time with Rana but he preferred to be with Marta, likewise Rana with Mit. But Roy and Rana had a baby that Rana raised with Mit – it seemed the best way to deal with the machine which was not programmed for natural babies but did help raise it.

Daily history is tedious especially in Mubanrao where struggle had mostly been done away with. Slowly Mubanrao rebuilt itself as the Ruai took Mubans back to nature as they reintegrated with the Moobs, and restarted their families. As they began to discover food in nature, they chose to eschew the tasteless synthetics their ancestors had planned for them. Gradually they began to disentangle themselves from the programmed existence that had been Muban life for so long - avoiding conflict with the programming whenever met. But much of what they were doing was not within the fears of the programmers as the new Mubans were living in tune with nature and not demonstrating the ego conflicts that had bedevilled the earlier existence. As the community developed the vestiges of the machines disappeared. Soon the young developed instinct that became maturity for many. Conscious life had returned.

Kajaa felt she had done the best she could. Her Mubans were now establishing a life that was founded in nature, and there can be no greater harmony than that, no greater peace. But there was the essential enquiry, and who knows where that would take them?