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SANNADEE- unfinished

Prelude to Book Two – Sannadee

This is a summary of the first book, so that the second book can be read separately.

Namzo, Sarpo, Mpho and Yunio grew up separately in different parts of the world, and they each had found their own ways in the world as it headed steadily to destruction. As the world was reaching its final days they found themselves at Uulaccio’s (Uu’s) ashram where they found further solace. But this was short-lived as the doomed world finally destroyed itself, and Namzo led a small band of Uu’s followers up the mountains to escape the destruction. Soon after the start of their journey the four found that during meditation they could Link together, and this ability helped them on the journey.

Soon after they started up the Link felt problems, and determined that a small group led by Suivo were following them up the mountain. They returned for this group, but as soon as Suivo’s band had rejoined it came to the Link that Uu had died.

As they progressed up the mountain there was some dissension as some carried the baggage of their erstwhile world. To enable the journey to be fruitful Suivo led away the dissenters leaving Namzo, with the help of Blenbu, free to lead the rest to safety.

After an arduous journey up the mountain they were guided by Nature to a concealed tunnel that led them to Mubanrao. As the final traveller entered the tunnel it became sealed, leaving them to be survivors of the destruction. In a dream they learnt that the wind protected them from all the destruction the world had unleashed as it protected Mubanrao. Namzo had led them to their freedom but his role done he gave his spirit to the life of Mubanrao.