The Zandtao insight method is very straightforward, and is based on this booklet from the Amaravati monastery. (This scheme is not endorsed by Amaravati nor is it connected to the Forest Sangha; I would have absolutely no problem if they did endorse it.)

In the Zandtao Insight method there is no emphasis placed on posture except:-

Sit with a straight back.
Sit still.

Here are example postures, you choose. (Here is Theravadan monk, Ajaan Jayasaro, taking about posture).

Why do we have a straight back? One reason, it helps the stress drain away - down your spine.

Lotus:- If you can do this comfortably, go for it; it is the best position. Do you need to strive for this position? I say not. Many Eastern approaches want the lotus but this is a position their children learn from birth. For western people they do not have this training so I don't stress it - only have a straight back.

Watch your breath. Breathe in through your nose. Watch the breath enter through the tip of your nose, and follow it down to your stomach. Pause for a while, and rest with your breath in the stomach, and then breathe out watching the breath following the breath as it flows out past the tip of your nose. Pause for a while, and then breathe again. That's it. To describe the method is simple, to do it takes discipline and practice.

The first problem you will find with breathing is that the mind will wander. You start with thinking about the breath, and then the next time you focus you see that your mind has wandered starting to think of something else. Leave this thinking alone, and gently bring the focus of your mind back to the breathing. Note gently; meditation is a calm exercise so it is not necessary to force the mind to focus on the breath .... just gently.

Timing is a very important part of the discipline of Insight meditation. To begin with it is not necessary to sit for England. Just start with a short length of time - 5 minutes or less. Decide on the length of time before you start, set the alarm, and do not finish until the alarm signals the end. Try to do this meditation twice a day. In the morning; after you wash, but before other activities. In the evening; after you have eaten and rested but before any other activities.

One purpose with regards to time is to increase the meditation time, I am always trying to increase my time.

Do meditation every day - WITHOUT FAIL.

That is the end of the method. Remember - to describe the method is easy, to do the method is hard but it will give you the benefits of a better life. As you develop in your practice then all the problems caused by an ill-discipline mind will start to fall away, and you will start to follow your Path as Nature intended.

DO NOT START THIS MEDITATION SCHEME WITHOUT AN ADVISOR. Meditation develops, it is not static. Not only this but meditation can unearth deep emotional issues, and whilst this in general is beneficial if not handled correctly it can cause problems. This scheme has been designed for you to work with an advisor, and a ....

The scheme has been devised so that after each meditation session the meditator writes up a medblog, and the advisor then comments on the weblog. The idea of this is to make use of blogging software such as wordpress. After each meditation session the meditator uploads a session report describing the meditation enabling the advisor to comment. If you wish Zandtao to be your advisor click here.