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Big Tent

What's going on with George Soros? Every supposed left-wing action stems from George Soros finance, Black Lives Matter, the caravan etc. This of course is dismissed as hogwash, right-wing lunacy, by snowflakes. When you look at the Guardian etc. for George Soros you find an Open Society Foundation doing good consumer-oriented works; here are its principles (Mission). And I would imagine if you examine the details you will find people consuming happily - within certain boundaries of philanthropy and benefaction. But I was specifically interested in how much funding they gave for Indigenous-led projects/Frontline Communites projects and found none (maybe there are) – just the promotion of litigation culture (rule of law controlled by judges (satraps) of coal and oil. I don’t know whether that report means the Open Society Foundation are funding litigation but I doubt it. When you read the mission, you see safe support for the more liberal aspects of the neoliberal system, it is neoliberal support – neoliberalism disguised as aid and benefaction. George Soros appears to be providing funding for the liberal aspect of neoliberalism. This will propagate a capitalist system that is destroying Gaia, and has nothing to do with the necessary decumulation that will end the 1%-satrapy. Why would it? George Soros is one of the more caring aspects of the 1%-satrapy if the benefaction is any indicator. In a similar vein I saw an interview with Bill Gates discussing some of his benefaction. I am biassed but I saw an ennui - as it was on a chat show and US comedy lies in self-ridicule that is sometimes funny but is usually over the top. My bias saw 1% going through liberal benefaction as part of his job – philanthropy maintaining neoliberalism.

Here is a somewhat vitriolic – but nonetheless it appears true to me – description of Hillary’s Big Tent from Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report (11/8/16). This Big Tent money sank Bernie, and opened the US and the world to Trump’s populism which some Big Tent money has since offered some support (for the tax cuts) – although I feel only temporarily; I don’t think they can get more tax cuts through.

Here is another billionaire this time backing the Trump resistance – Pierre Omidyar, still part of the Big Tent. He’s attacking Trump but he’s not backing Bernie. He certainly isn’t investing in Indigenous culture to end accumulation. It is interesting how BAR see Omidyar as representing “a threat of potentially greater proportions” than Trump when you consider how much Trump has promoted overt racism. To me it is rather frightening to see financial forces working within their 1%-satrapy yet creating a divided climate of alt-right/snowflakes through their Dark Money/Big Tent manipulations. The consequences of these manipulations is that there are emerging amongst the alt-right people such as John Mark with funding making this distasteful clip (please don’t watch) promoting the inevitability of left-right civil war based on stereotypical distorted analysis.

This is why it is so essential for the class to recognise that we are in a bipartisan neoliberal system in which votes for democrats/republicans and labour/tory are essentially useless. Neoliberalism has deep control (in the US through neoliberal Big Tent/Dark Money collusion), and when you see how the media is manipulating against Corbyn you can see similar forces in action. One hopes Bernie (and Alexandria) as well as Corbyn make progress, but as Harry Perkins found out (in the virtual UK) even statesmanship cannot win through (A Very British Coup).

We have to see foundations, benefaction and philanthropy for the consumerism they are, and consumerism is integral to the 1%-satrapy. Consumerism does not support Gaia, and we need decumulation to end the accumulation of the 1%. And we need to pressure this benefaction to support Indigenous-led initiatives (Frontline Communites) that can possibly bring us back into harmony with Gaia.

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