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Decumulating Winona Laduke

I like what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing in Washington, basically stirring the pot. But she is a politician, she is involved with power, she appears to have an ego, and I have already questioned some of her policies.

Now Alexandria is talking about a Green New Deal, Bernie is as well. In this talk Alexandria talks about this Green New deal in terms of jobs, and that for me is sufficient to know this is not decumulating.

Now listen to Winona (on Democracy Now) talking about how Green is being used in her nation, it is in relation to the Earth, it is Gaia. Her approach is not about jobs, it is not concerned with the redistribution issues of jobs but it is about Gaia. She calls it an indigenous-led Green New Deal. Winona further talks about a new economy, in my words an economy in harmony with Gaia.

Let me remind you of what I mean by decumulation and how it is reflected in these two approaches. The 1%-satrapy is based in profit for the 1%, the more profit for the 1% the better the system is working. This is expansionist and therefore is a danger to Gaia. What Alexandria describes is green but does not have the emphasis on Gaia. It is not an indigenous approach. Now am I splitting hairs? At present, yes. Redistribution of wealth by providing green jobs might well be the same actions of an Indigenous-led Green New Deal but it is not based in the same wisdom. Alexandria's Green Deal might well be described as static, redistributing existing resources and finance, and as such is not corrective in the long-term. In the long-term the process needs to be actively decumulating - ending accumulation. By its very nature Indigenous-led would be decumulating.

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