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Ode to Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy. In the last few years you brought my compassion some political hope but it was never to be. With the dark nights that are now being heralded by the 1%-satrapy, if you are still alive you can hold your head up high and say “not on my watch”. Take time for yourself and your family, and recover from the endless attacks you suffered for standing up for compassion, albeit woven into socialist idealism.

Sadly the attacks will not end so the sooner you leave the public stage the better for yourself. The 1%-satrapy forces within Labour will start to blame you for Thursday’s loss. Let them, here is what you said about the election. History will defend you, and see how the opportunists divided the movement in a time of Brexit weakness. Truth defends you now, but there is nothing to gain from facing these people down. They fought you in leadership, they will fight you in defeat, and they will blame you. They will wait and herald the next Blair the 1%-satrapy wants to put in power.

I remember a line in a movie called “Rising Sun” in which Sean Connery told Wesley Snipes – a laughable irony something like coming for him (Wesley) with racism. Guardian and the rest of the media came for you, an anti-racist, with racism. You spend your life overcoming the racism of your conditioning, develop a deserved reputation for anti-racism, and then have the 1%-lackeys condemn you for this; that must have hurt. I have watched and compared you with Harry Perkins, and mocked Chris Mullin for failing to be aware that the establishment would use antisemitism. You never reached PM but the Very British Coup tricks were ever so present - especially the Wainwrights (Watsons).

30 years ago I was NCP. I joined them for their Marxist education but then they told me to lie down with liars and accept a patriarchy that says women cannot be exploited down mines – policy not choice. Whilst I will never forget the education, I couldn’t accept being a liar and resigned. Unfortunately joining the NCP was the kiss of death for my trade union activism because your comrade Trots would never work with me again. But whilst the intellectual extremists of that time were destructive, it is necessary to be true to your own understanding first – lying down with liars is not truth. Soon after personal circumstance took me abroad, eventually to Buddhism, and finally to pathtivism. Complete disenchantment with the political process controlled by the 1% has been reinforced by the treatment they gave you, along with the absolute stupidity of Thursday’s result. When I talk of compassion they say OK mockingly, when I say compassion leads to socialism they attack with vitriol even though the logic is transparent. This is the sick defiled reality of the white British (neo)colonial diaspora – the essence of the 1%-satrapy. I hope there are enough good people left for you to enjoy your retirement with grace.

In my personal Buddhist studies I have recently focussed on the three kilesas – greed aversion and delusion, how apt this 2500-year-old wisdom is for today’s politics. This time is the rise of the MAWPs – Male, Arrogant White and Privileged, and the 1% manipulation is so clear. The 1% have removed some of the privilege, and offered the delusion of race as the panacea. And then made it acceptable to be a bulldog who doesn’t question. Greed, delusion and aversion. Those with houses delude themselves that the 1% are the same as them, with the darkness the world is moving towards they will soon find that is a delusion with no substance – they will be thrown to the wolves.

And the biggest delusion of all, only the Tories can manage the economy. Even the bastions of the 1%-satrapy, IMF, said austerity was not sound economics. And “Get Brexit Done”; that is so disdainful considering what happened with Theresa May and then Bojo. Yet greed still voted them in, what delusions.

For you Jeremy there was no greed and no aversion as all avenues were questioned. Maybe there was a delusion that the 99% could be united one day, but I suspect you only paid lipservice to that - maybe a dream. From afar, I didn’t listen to all that you said, but when I listened there was no faulting. I listened to media crits. Antisemitism in the party, some - nothing significant, and a huge amount of media manipulation to create division. Just a delusion. Incapable of leadership. Leadership was strong and policy-led as opposed to Blair intimidation. Who can lead in a united way when Blairites are paid as 1%-lackeys to ensure you cannot unite? I have always been amazed at your tolerance – based on years of being attacked, I suppose.

In summary there was a line from Sir Percy in A Very British Coup, it went something like he (Harry Perkins) is threatening to become a very fine statesman. Throughout a lifetime of harassment for bringing a compassionate ideology into socialism, you, Jeremy, maintained your integrity. That was why they closed ranks and made sure you would not be prime minister even though it ensured Labour would lose, and an exploiting buffoon will be selling off assets to the US. In the end it will cost the 1% more than the tax losses they would have initially faced; but they must maintain the class divide. I want to thank you again, Jeremy, for giving me some political hope in this defiled world. Who is going to stand for compassion now – Bernie for a while?

As a final PS, surely now after your valiant efforts people cannot still see political idealism as a way for change?

I also admired what your son, Tommy, said:-

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