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It is important to understand how the hegemony is evolving because we then can know how to target and strategise. History is always a good place to start.

I have discussed history before, so am only interested in developing this. In summary colonialism devolved to neocolonialism in the US hegemony. For the 1% this is not sufficient, they wish to invest less in their government structure. Historically this can be seen in the end of colonialism where it became untenable (ie too much loss of profits) to maintain the colony by military repression; hence we had neocolonialism, But how does the 1% control the hegemonic government? Controlling 100% of the people in a democracy is a difficult and expensive process especially as more people are becoming aware of the 1%-satrapy, a significant turning-point being Occupy that NAMED the 1%.

We can see the beginning of the current phase of hegemony in apartheid South Africa. For a significant period of time South African apartheid maintained control by a white minority through an enclave mentality. Apartheid eventually ended because the white enclave was such a small % that the security investment was too high and they were unable to make sufficient profit. The 1% withdrew support for South Africa, the large black majority then gained control, and now the 1% attempt to exploit SA through them.

But the 1% realised that such an apartheid enclave was feasible. But what the 1% realised was that that MAWPs are manipulable, white men can be controlled to form enclaves. Whilst there was an enclave in SA there had also been another enclave in the Middle East, Israel. With the support of US capital this enclave is stable. By establishing this enclave within the Middle East the 1% realised that these white people would commit crimes against humanity in Palestine in response to the fear and enclave mentality. The essence of this apartheid model is fear, in Israel the fear of losing their homes to Arabs – not a realistic fear as the white people in Israel are the historic aggressors, colonial invaders based on a religious ideal of Ersatz Israel (Greater Israel). This model is similar to the apartheid model in South Africa in which white people out of fear enclave listen only to each other and ignore rational and humanitarian objections.

And I am suggesting that this enclave mentality is the direction in which the modern hegemony is moving. Let us consider the Trump enclave – Trump’s WEG, White Enclave Government. Following the crash of 2008 many white people were losing their homes – foreclosures – as a result of corrupt banking (mortgage) practices. At the same time there was an Obama government, ongoing attacks against white supremacy and against white patriarchy. The situation was ripe for an enclave mentality. Huge investment (Dark Money) followed leading to human downgrading particularly manipulated through social media. As a result in the US we have an apartheid government, a WEG, that does the bidding of the 1%, promotes the ego of Trump and promotes the egos of white men who support him – and for some incomprehensible reason white women also support the Trump-predator. The 1%, who control the profits and control the jobs, give these white men jobs, Trump takes credit, and promotes his enclave populism. The 1% have their satrapy by controlling only a proportion of the population with whom they have created an enclave that believes they are right and do not listen to anyone else. Apartheid America – a WEG.

Realising that WEGs could work in the modern hegemony, dark money (don’t blame Russia it was the 1%) invested in Brexit. At the first opportunity since they lost government over Europe in the 90s they found a puppet Cameron who would promote a referendum. This led to the Brexit debacle that divided the country, and eventually a significant proportion of white working class males were manipulated into voting for Bojo – a Trump clone. Through a similar process a similar clone is in charge in Australia. Through these WEGs these countries are now America’s bitch, and are all part of the 1%-satrapy.

Rather than reacting to the term apartheid (I am British, I was in the anti-apartheid movement, and am not WEG) let us examine the enclave mentality. I’m right and I won’t listen. White people of South Africa lasted for 40 years, they said they were misunderstood and that black people couldn’t run the country. They did not listen to white people outside South Africa, and apartheid was not brought down by rationale or white liberal protestations – although to be fair the boycott helped. White South African apartheid was not feasible and the 1% could not maintain profits with such a minority government. Israel’s enclave mentality works but they make great efforts to fight boycotts – BDS movement. But the white people of Israel do not listen, and if you argue they say the media is biassed.

These are the same arguments within the hegemony, fake news, Liberal whingeing and the enclave mentality that the white man is oppressed by the powerless – Liberals and minorities. It is important to understand WEGs, they are enclaves. In an enclave the wagons are corralled and no-one inside listens as they believe they are right. To continue to attack the enclave through the media etc simply reinforces the corral. To promote identity politics reinforces the enclave. To mock the puppets (Trump, Bojo and Scomo) also reinforces the enclaves especially on TV which is just Hollywood bias.

So how do we strategise against the enclave? To be honest I am not sure. We recognise that the power is the 1% and not the demagogue. We recognise that we are dealing with an enclave. But this enclave is not more than 50%. So in terms of elections the majority is outside the enclave. But the 1% also invest in the bipartisan political system and they have puppets in the party that opposes the enclave party – the WEG. So they have a solid 40% and then they divide the 60%. This worked in the UK where Corbyn offered the working-class a great opportunity. So the 1% will invest to protect the enclave and divide the majority.

To be honest I cannot see how this 1%-strategy will not work at the moment as the majority need to get real about politics instead of just accepting conditioning (just different conditioning to the enclave). If they got real, they would see that sponsored wishy-washy Liberal whingeing is not the answer. The other tactic is to recognise that within the enclave are some good people, not all white people are deplorable even though deplorable characteristics dominate the enclave. Maybe these nice white people can be dissuaded from supporting a racist sexist immoral demagogue, there is niceness – compassion – amongst some of the enclave. But the key to these people is jobs and their homes, and I am not asking for white men to be favoured – they have enough privilege.

Whilst I have no real solution recognition of the problem is a step in the right direction. The 1%-satrapy is now a hegemony of WEGs, and these enclaves are being fortified by the way we respond to them. We need to develop strategies to break down these enclaves.

In the early 90’s I travelled to South Africa – I was working in Botswana. I met these white men – not the Boers in charge, just the white men in South Africa working to provide a home. They were just like my father, my community. They were in complete denial.

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