Chautauqua 11


I moved away from the Pirsig Platform – can’t remember why. I did not take a break from writing – I seem to be getting more and more prolific. In truth it is probably for bad reasons, I have no contact with anyone to discuss the things that matter to me. I would prefer contact because of the interaction but with contact there is usually misunderstanding. I had understanding when I was young at the Arts Centre – I was also fashionable then, but I knew far less naturally. Now my understanding borders with cantankerousness. I seem unable to get through to people – I suppose that is common. Ego seems to be blocking everything, you go so far and then ego gets threatened, the blocks go up and sometimes the insults go out. Ah well …. if it was easy.

Most of the writing has been blogging at Zandtao and the building of the Unity Platform, but over this school break I have finished Sannadee and The Arico Chronicles. When I think about it, it is a lot – and I hope quality. But I am always conscious of how little of it is read.

Yesterday I started again, and the whole ideas thing started flowing again. I do so much enjoy this platform. Pirsig’s writing is just so different that it wakes areas other things don’t go near. There was a comparable process in my life. After the Arts Centre I was invited to stay in Belgium by Yves – I will always be grateful even though we never got on. He was so generous to let me stay in his cottage in google where. I had a fascinating time in the Ardennes and then moved to this cottage. There was nothing there but spiders and I was frightened of spiders then. I joined the British Council library, got any book out and just bounced off the books – on paper that has long since gone. It was a wonderful month. It was my first time where I really loved alone; I had lived alone because I had to. At Belgium cottage place I learned to love it and really experience the wonder of “aloneness”. And I was bouncing.

Now “aloneness” is the way I am, and I don’t want it any other way. And I have the bouncing of Pirsig.

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