For a while writing has been emerging, I associate that emergence with zen – more later. Whenever I think of Zen I think of Brad Warner who I have followed to zen, and the man himself – Pirsig. Over the years Pirsig has been constant. My first was for a dissertation in 1976, and a friend mused about a reference – [p… Pirsig Corgi 1976] or some such. Since retiring I have studied Pirsig and somewhere have an intellectual zipfile of musings as I studied but this is none of that. I look at the intellectualising in Liverpool and it makes part of me angry – and yet another part was angry because I couldn’t get a qualification by distance learning!! Today was the end of the voluntary teaching for another year, I got to the beach, and instead of trying to make sense of Shobogenzo I started reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” – (“ZAMM”). I got to the end of first section in which he was discussing the attitude of the Sutherlands to technology, stopped, thought about technology, and decided to write this. I mused over the title. This is not going to be what I think about Pirsig’s view of technology although it might start that way. It is just writing that is kicked off by what I am reading, bouncing off Pirsig leading to …… became rebounding off.

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