This is a new book called "Pirsig Platform" - rebounding off Pirsig. Unlike Pirsig's book there is no cohesive order to my ideas - because they are rebounding. You can access each section from the summary but where do you start? First and then click next at the end of each bounce, in this way you can follow the way it was written - check the Order for more of an idea. There is also the Latest. You could jump in to the summary table, and take potluck. Or you can download and read the pdf as a book.


For a while writing has been emerging, I associate that emergence with zen – more later. Whenever I think of Zen I think of Brad Warner who I have followed to zen, and the man himself – Pirsig. Over the years Pirsig has been constant. My first was for a dissertation in 1976, and a friend mused about a reference – [p… Pirsig Corgi 1976] or some such. Since retiring I have studied Pirsig and somewhere have an intellectual zipfile of musings as I studied but this is none of that. I look at the intellectualising in Liverpool and it makes part of me angry – and yet another part was angry because I couldn’t get a qualification by distance learning!! Today was the end of the voluntary teaching for another year, I got to the beach, and instead of trying to make sense of Shobogenzo I started reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” – (“ZAMM”). I got to the end of first section in which he was discussing the attitude of the Sutherlands to technology, stopped, thought about technology, and decided to write this. I mused over the title. This is not going to be what I think about Pirsig’s view of technology although it might start that way. It is just writing that is kicked off by what I am reading, bouncing off Pirsig leading to …… became rebounding off.

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