Thailand 2

Well I went to the beach and had a good swim. Exercise is one reason I go to the beach but the other reason is that I can sit with the dogs. I am so lucky to have found a beach where people rarely go, so I can just go there and sit quietly for hours on end, and the dogs like to sit for a long time so long as I pay them with food. This is part of a malaise that has hold of me – a malaise that maybe Pirsig has broken me free of. I am mostly satisfied in retirement. Over the last 10 years I have retired to Thailand and been mostly happy, I am so lucky. Last July I had some horrendous times with landladies, and for a period of 6 months I was just moving house, either physically or mentally – I actually moved twice – I am not completely settled now. When you’re retired where you live is a big thing, this 6 month period knocked the stuffing out of that attachment so maybe I won’t have where I live as a big thing. It is a good thing not to have where you live as a big thing in your happiness. But where you live has to be sufficiently settled that you can meditate – a big thing.

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