Thailand 1

Out of the window above the laptop are rooftops in a foreground with Koh Chang behind. There are the tent rooves yet for some design reason there are pyramids. A friend said it reminded him of Mediterranean. They cover most of Koh Changís outline but the hills or what goes for mountains are there. Itís nice. There is a large building with a white wall above another roof. Itís just a wall, and looking at it reminds me of walls. Thereís a wall in zazen and it reminds me of Pirsigís lesson of focussing to create rhetoric. I was language teaching, and my student was good but stuck. To me she was stuck because she limited the ways she used her language to describe. If you donít describe anything complex, how can you use complex language? I thought of Pirsigís focussing but instead I tried brainstorming techniques. In the end the student refused.

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