Technology 2

All of this was happening in computer firms, technology. And technology is all about zen or zen aversion Ė not zen. Technology is getting more and more complex, it is so complex they talk of artificial intelligence - I hate that. I canít ever see intelligence in a machine Ė no matter how complex. Intelligence canít be learned, it canít be done by repetition or following instructions, isnít that the ďartĒ of motorcycle maintenance? As an experiment I once designed art software in which a computer just filled in pixels of different colour randomly. It created a Mona Lisa, several works of Dali and even a Turner but it did not know, so it just went on churning out these different images - to a computer without any intelligence just images of equal status. OK I didnít design the software but why wouldnít that be true? When I use my smartphone I have no idea what is going on. I click the phone app, press a few numbers and I can speak to someone next door or far away. Sure it is based on the electricity of 0 and 1 combined with machines that can create computer chips that manís hands could never create but a smartphone is not intelligent Ė never can be.

But they want a smartphone or some other phone to be intelligent because it is all about dehumanising by intellect. Humans get in the way of their profits and yet without humans they have no profits. This is the dilemma they live with, conforming humans so that they spend, borrow, create credit crises so they can print more money, lurch into the next crisis, and increase their wealth as measured by 0ís in a machine and excess. So stupid but itís bought into. People look into the lives of rich and famous, and say wow. And this is zen aversion Ė not zen. It is a whole artificial world of zen aversion, and they have the cheek to call it AI.

And these guys who are ďrich and famousĒ they are coked up, indulgent, chasing desire, all part of this zen aversion. It doesnít make sense.

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