Education 2

What awful stuff do we do to kids. They are forced into classrooms, made to sit with people who bully them, pressure them, itís no wonder zen runs away. How would such an emerging sensitivity be treated? You have to hide in shyness, or persona as an immature prat. You have to force that zen down because you are too young to cope with it. Zen is so right, so true, but there is nothing true about those cauldrons that are fitting nuts into the bolts of society.

I always blamed my parents especially my father whose emotional weakness bullied my own temporary aggression into emergence. But I donít know what I would now have asked of them. Whilst they were complicit they were just an unaware part of the system. My motherís generation never wanted to think about this sort of stuff, they had just been through the war. They were alive, and they wanted a life for their kids. What is this rubbish about repression? About path?

But it doesnít take anything away from what we did to our kids in those times of repression? And look at what the educated of my age and younger do to child-rearing? They know repression was wrong so they donít repress. But they donít bring up their kids either. For all the repressed kids that grew out of post-war attitudes there were manners and some sort of ďknowing-your-placeĒ. Now kids are all over the pace. Their minds flit from here to there, a meditational hell. They canít sit down let alone meditate because every whim has been pandered to because they have never learned their place in the order of the universe. Their parents have been too scared to make them learn what-is-what because it might be seen as repression.

What do we do to our kids? It is the power of money over the path. *-*-*

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