Technology 5

Artificial intelligence is a term I hate, and discussing AI brings me back to the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. There was a divergence because the tech that is now used has been designed to exclude intelligence – zen aversion. And this is an AI strategy – design out humans. But they are not designing out humans because machines are intelligent, they are designing out humans because machines are cheaper. But they can’t tell us it is for profit, the rich can’t tell us that their greed for profit is a design for society that is marginalising human beings, so they tell us human beings are not as intelligent as machines. This is completely untrue but is a humungous con. Machines are not intelligent, they just follow programmers’ instructions. Look at our own computers, how often do they screw up. Windows crashes all the time. The technology they are designing has got too complicated and nobody can fit it all together and get it to work properly. So windows crashes when one person’s tech doesn’t fit with another’s.. Then there all kinds of excuses but in the end they don’t care – it’s all about profits and not about whether it is working properly. And we continue to pay, that is what they are marginalising us to do – just pay. And if the computers are building it all, how are all the marginalised humans going to be able to pay because they won’t be earning?

So when they say artificial intelligence they mean artificial design, designing the way we live so that human labour can be replaced by machines. And here again I converge with Pirsig, where is the quality of life when life is designed for machines? Machines will be designed so humans will be marginalised. Who does this? Rich people with no intelligence. These rich people are afraid of intelligence because it is not something they can buy. Intelligence is something we are born with, feed with experience, and then develop as zen. Money has nothing to do with that so intelligence can never be anything rich people can inherit because they are wealthy, so they want to design out intelligence – zen aversion.

And this is the underlying premise of artificial intelligence. It is not one thing but two – design society so that it can be run by machines by marginalising the intelligence that is humanity.

Look at our education, where is the zen? Does miseducation teach or even encourage creativity? Individual teachers may but the system, the exams, are they creative? Does miseducation help us with insight? Does it help us with intuition, the ability to see clearly, see through? No, because none of these create profits. What would education create? The ability to see that those who are the dominant powers in society are designing out intelligence, making insight obsolete, turn creativity into products for profitability. Zen aversion, the machines are deleting quality.

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